10 Amazingly Fun Sport Gadgets

Hammaka_chairsFrom large to small, pricy to cheap… there are many exciting sport’s gadgets on the market; a quick search on the net brings up thousands of quirky items. There’s something for everyone, both cool and geeky! You can start by checking out these ten fun sport-gadgets…

1)      Love to tail-gate? After you’ve set up the hibachi, hang your chairs from the back end of the pick-up truck and relax in style. In less than a minute you and your partner will enjoy sitting in your “Hammaka Chairs”… relaxing in style with a beer.

2)      Lost another golf ball? No worries… your “Weed Whacking Golf Club” is perfect for combating tall grass. Open the base and voilà… the ideal weed trimmer… you’re ready to take that next great shot.

3)      How about a “Porsche Sled” for the kids? This streamlined sled, manufactured by Porsche, includes a horn with its state-of-the-art contouring.  The best part is it costs a lot less (about $115 USD) than its adult counterpart!

highpogostick4)      And for the kid in you, how about a “high-power pogo-stick” designed and manufactured by the Vurtigo team… the all new “V3” features a lightweight aluminum tube and technologically advanced boltless- air piston. Both the standard “V3” (grey anodized-aluminum) and the cool black “V3 Stealth” provide high-powered jumping capacity.

5)      More into quiet time reclining and watching the game? Curled up in your very own “NFL Snuggie”! After placing a bet on your “Youwin’s Betting Calculator”, you can relax in style, dressed as your favorite player.

6)      For more stay at home fun, the “Balmoral Pool/Dining Table” provides indoor action coupled with elegant and efficient dining pleasure. The table flips and converts from pool table to meal table in a matter of seconds. Pricey yet versatile ($5,000 plus), it’s a must have for every pool-shark!

7)      Looking for something a little less expensive? You’ll look cool, and impress your friends, with a cap from the “2CLight Company”. Available in three styles, it is lightweight and washable, providing a beam of light over 20 meters long.

8)      Another one for the kids (and the entire family), the “Pool to Pavement Basketball Hoop” is a must have for every back yard. No pool is complete without this hoop/basketball that allows you to shoot again from the water, the diving board, or from the patio.  pooltable

9)      Speaking of sports, have you ever wondered just how fast you’re throwing that baseball? The “Radar Baseball” from Brookstone gives you an accurate reading. Switch on the ball, pitch as fast as you can, than check the gage to see just how hard you threw that sucker. You may be pleasantly surprised or… on your way to the gym to build those abs!

10)  Any poker players? Check out several great “poker chips” printed with a custom logo. Find high quality, casino grade chips that are certain to improve your game while adding a little luxury and class.

…just a sampling of the cool, sporty, useful, and somewhat nerdy sport’s gadget available on the web!

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