10 Ways to Make Yourself Look Good

Getting older doLook Goodesn’t mean you have to suffer from sagging skin and frumpy clothing. No, you don’t have to walk down the path of unforgiving aging. In fact, getting older can be exciting if you do certain things to keep your body healthy. Below are some ways you can keep yourself looking young, vibrant, and healthy no matter how old your age is. There is no need to go into debt trying to pay for expensive cosmetic surgeries that are also painful and dangerous.

 Instead, you can try the following 10 ways to make yourself look good and have people thinking you are younger than you really are.

1. Supple Skin

Moisturizing your body, especially face and hands, is an important step in preserving your youth. The environment and certain lifestyles, like smoking or tanning, can cause dehydration and damage to one’s skin. Therefore, keeping it moisturized using a high-quality cream will plump fine lines and eliminate any dryness.

 2. Maintain Brows

Having full eyebrows does not have to be a thing of the past. Sometimes brows become sparse with aging and the worst thing to do is leave them looking bare; this only makes the face look older. Invest in a brow pencil or powder that matches your hair color, and lightly fill in any gaps. Avoid drawing any sharp/arched lines or using a color that does not blend naturally.

3. Stay Active

Making sure you move your body every single day will keep you looking and feeling good. Whether you prefer to walk, run, bike, or strength train, all of these things keep the body firm and toned making you look younger. Exercising also stops sagging of the skin and keeps your bones strong. When people age, sometimes the back starts to hunch which makes one look old. Therefore, keeping active and practicing good posture will keep the body youthful.

4. A Youthful Cut

Most often when individuals get older, they chop their hair off or let it go gray – doing this does not help one look younger. If you want to look young then let your hair grow to whatever length you like, but keep it trimmed and conditioned to avoid frizziness and dryness.

Taking hair, skin, and nail vitamins also will ensure you are looking your best. Instead of letting your hair fade to gray, try opting for a natural brown or soft honey color that will keep your hair looking youthful but not unnatural.

5. Check Those Pearly Whites

Maintaining a nice smile means keeping one’s teeth clean and regularly checked on by a dentist. Teeth that are stained or crooked can age a person quite a bit, so taking care of them is a key to looking young. If your teeth are crooked or stained, then you may want to receive whitening treatments from a dental professional and get Invisalign Braces.

Nobody enjoys getting metal braces on because they are uncomfortable and look unwieldy. If you are an older individual with crooked teeth, then Invisalign is the best choice to keep you looking young; let’s face it, young kids wear metal braces! Dr. Lisa Gao, a dentist in California, advocates Invisalign for its effectiveness in keeping teeth healthy and straight. Nice looking teeth will make you look good and youthful.

6. Bump The Tunes

Listening to music that ruled your younger days allows you to reminisce about the good ol’ days. Allowing yourself to listen to the music that makes you feel young will allow your body to release endorphins and feeling associated with your younger days.

7. Wear The Right Clothes

Wearing the right clothes can help you look and feel young. Ditch the polyester pants and unflattering, itchy sweater vests for a nice pair of jeans or flowy dress that will make you feel younger. Just because your age is older does not mean you can’t dress youthful.

8. Make Love

Yes, you read it correctly. Numerous studies have proven that maintaining an active sex life will keep you younger. It also reduces stress and lowers blood pressure, two things that contribute to feeling young.

9. Eat Well

Eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains will keep your skin looking young, rejuvenated, and supple thanks to the abundance of vitamins and minerals found in them.

10. Eliminate Stress

Making time to relax and unwind is key to feeling good and youthful. Doing a puzzle, soaking in the bathtub, reading a book, or playing a brain-twister game can help keep your brain young but not focused on stressors.

There are so many ways to look good and keep young without having to spend money on cosmetic surgeries.Try adding these ten ways above into your life to start creating a better, more youthful you today.


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