5 Great New Apps for Saving Money!

powershopappSaving money is hard but with the help of some excellent phone apps, you just might be able to reach your savings goals this year. Whether you have trouble following a budget or you like to use coupons to save money on groceries, these five new apps are a must for people trying to save money.

One of the newest and easiest apps to save you money is the Powershop app. Avoid big electric bill surprises by installing this app on your phone and get frequent updates on the amount of power you are using each month. Regular discounts are sent to you and you can check how much power you have used for the month at any time. You can pay your bill through the app and save money by learning when you are using too much power and making changes to decrease your level of power usage.

Applications such as the Debt Manager have one goal in mind, to get you out of debt so that you can start living a less stressful life. With this application you track, organize and pay off your debts as quickly as possible. By applying the debt snowball method, the app will tell you what bills to pay more on first, allowing you the freedom to pay off certain debts without ignoring other creditors. It isn’t always easy to decide how much to pay on each bill. This app will show you how to get out of debt quickly with proven methods of debt management. Monitor your monthly debt management progress with this great app.

Keep track of your daily expenses with the Budgt app and the unique features available on the interface. You are told day to day what you can afford and you enter expenses as they occur. The app keeps track of your monthly expenses and lets you know if you are on track to save money or lose money based on the information you have provided. You create whatever categories you feel are necessary. From food, to clothing or transportation, the choice is yours what expense categories you make and keep track of. By the end of the month you will know by percentages, where your money was spent and you can look for ways to improve your spending.

The purpose of the Stockwatch app is for you to be able to track your stocks straight from your iPad. The app doesn’t help you choose new stocks to buy, but is designed for you to track the stocks you already own and organize your stock portfolio in an easy to navigate system. You can create watch-lists, and named portfolios with this app. You will receive constant updates on prices, stock gains, costs and the current value of the stocks that you own. News feeds provide detailed stock market information for you to read through. Markets in the US, Europe and Asia are all supported with this application.

A great app for finding out local deals is the Vouchercloud app. You can browse deals online at your computer or install the app on your phone if you are on the go. Find coupon codes, promo codes and local deals that will save you money as you shop for the necessities in life.

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