All About The Kiddies

largeThe kids, our babies, the little monkeys in our life’s matter so much. We are always thinking about them, making sure they are protected, happy, and have what they need, and at times it is fun to splurge on them and buy them a little something that they may not necessarily need, but something that will put a smile on not only their face, but yours too.

They make us laugh, cry, beam with pride, and cringe with embarrassment… They love you as children, then you are no longer cool when they turn into teenagers, but once they enter adult hood they realize you were always right!

Below are some Cool Things To Buy the little ones!



kids_black_beardoI absolutely love this , there seems to be a trend with kids and facial hair lately. Its like the new zombie craze… Facial hair is so in right now, even if you are two and in diapers. If you live in a cold climate, like not Miami, then having The Beard Hat for Kids is not only practical, it is hilarious and fun!

For the younger tykes, facial hair is still possible with the Stachifier. Again practical and hilarious. Who doesn’t love a kid… but who doesn’t love a kid with a facial hair? That is the real question…


Landscape Dinner SetFeeding the little ones can be a chore… Kids can be so picky and some just flat out do not like to eat no matter what you are serving. So these two sets are sure to bring a little fun to meal time!

The Landscape Dinner Set is not only adorbs, but it also teaches your little one hand eye coordinationFred-and-Friends-Spreddy-Bear-Sandwich-Plate and puzzles are always good for brain training.. I love the colors and cutouts and your kids will too.  Meals are 50% presentation, so spice it up and make meal time delicious, educational, and pleasing to the eye. Kids are very visual and who ever said you can’t play with your food?

The Spreddy Bear Sandwich Plate may be a little less educational but just as cute, if not cuter… Look at that face! You can use this plate for more than just peanut butter and jelly. Just get creative. chicken nuggets with dipping sauce in the ears would be a fun option as well.

So spoil them once in a while with some cool stuff, they grow up so fast and are only this young and cute once…


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