CTAS Recognized on Amazing Things Website

amazing things The good people at Amazing Things have shown how smart they are by doing a writeup on Cheaper Than A Shrink. They have a very interesting blog with a lot of helpfulĀ  information and images that do often leave their viewers amazed! We love brilliant people so please stroll on over to their website and check out what they had to say about us including some of their favorite gadgets and other cool stuff showcased on Cheaper Than A Shrink.

Click here to mozy on over to their website.


4 Comments on "CTAS Recognized on Amazing Things Website"

  • I looked at the site and loved the products. How scary that even the simple things in life are being taken over by technology.

    • Cheaper Than A Shrink

      Thanks for visiting J. Allen. We have a ton of products that will be posted soon that will blow people’s minds. A number of them are items we did not know ever existed! Please LIKE us on Facebook to stay up to date with our latest additions!

  • Very nice write-up about your site, congrats! I agree, your products are really fun and different. And yes, shopping online is therapy for me, I’m just not sure it’s cheaper than a shrink . . .

  • Great job! That is a great write up! I too LOVE this site. It is so fun! I will be directing people here to check it out for sure. xoxo

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