Asshole Repellent Review

Asshole Repellent The Asshole Repellent is perfect for those jerk faces in your life that can’t take a hint… unfortunately we all have the pleasure of dealing with at least one asshole on a daily basis- so wouldn’t it be nice to have this nifty and self explanatory can of awesome with you?! You will be able to whip it out at a moments notice to disarm that jerk from whatever ass-holy thing he/she is saying and or doing…

“Before you diagnose yourself with insanity, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.”

Okay so in review, there is no actual contents inside the can because I guess that would kind of make you an asshole as well to spray something vile in someone’s face, even when they deserve it.. Something about laws, human decency, or whatever. But the good news is it will get point across!

This is a hilarious gag gift and has even won the award for the ultimate gag gift product in 2011, yea that is actually a thing…  Let that special ass hats in your life know exactly how you feel about them this holiday season. Also great to share with a coworker, family member, Click Here to Buy Now Via Amazonor just have a can handy for anytime you encounter an asshole, the world is full of them.


Hilarious, what is not to like?

Does not actually spray anything in the asshole’s face…

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