The Original Beard Hat Review

The Original Beard Hat  is a knitted beanie with detachable, foldaway beard not only perfect for those who just want to look awesome while keeping warm, it is also ideal for snowboarding, skiing, hiking and all other winter or outdoor sports. In fact, the Beardo was invented by a professional snowboarder so you know it can stand up to your X-Games lifestyle. It is very easy to breath through and is not the least bit suffocating so you can continue to enjoy doing the activities you love while looking super cool yet staying super warm.

The best part is unlike regular beards, the Beard Hat is perfectly even, soft, and never itchy like a traditional beard can be. Conveniently made to fit any size face and when you need to be beard free the foldaway design is great for storing the detachable beard out of the way inside the hat. This is helpful for times when you need to eat without making a mess of yourself, look more presentable for that job interview, or maybe it is just too hot to rock the bearded look during the summer days. You can’t look super awesome all of the time, try to spread out the fun. Banks and bodegas tend to be a little jittery around people in face masks, so use your judgment wisely.

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This is definitely a one of a kind gift idea for the men or down to earth cool women in your life. Available in five color styles: gray with brown beard, gray with black beard, black with brown beard, black with ginger beard, and black with blond beard, so there is a perfect match for everyone on your Christmas list.


 Features & specs:

    • Never itchy or scratchy
    •  Material: 100% acrylic yarn (super soft!)
    • Detachable beard is easily stored inside the hat
    • One size fits all (5.5″ beard adjustment range)
    • Hand knit pattern
    • Hand wash only



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