Beard Head Review

Beard HeadThe geniuses over at Beard Head sent Cheaper Than A Shrink FOUR of their hilarious knitted products for free! Here is what the staff and our kids had to say about them.

♥ “This is a great hat/mask for winter as it really kept my face warm. It feels soft and is not itchy at all.”

♥ “It looks really silly on me and my friends think it’s awesome.”

♥ “The quality is great! It kept me warm at a cold football game and I looked pretty cool.”

♥ “Wearing this hat gives you the street cred you deserve.”

Beard Heads are a very stylish and masculine way to keep your face warm in cold weather by combining the comfort and warmth of a traditional knit cap with the added bonus of an epic beard and mustache…  The unique design protects pretty much your entire face making them perfect for all cool weather outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, etc.

If you are a man or woman (no judging here) that lacks the ability to grow facial hair, but has always wanted an epic beard and prestigious mustache, Beard Head will make these dreams come true for you.

Although these are hilarious and a wonderful novelty gift idea, they are also fully functional.  Beard Head knit beard caps are one size fits most, durable and machine washable.

Below are the Beard Heads we received and are reviewing… Thank you Beard Head for the cool gifts! They are highly recommended and make the perfect Christmas gift for those picky people on your list!

Thumbs up, very cool thing to buy.

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