The Best Hot Dogs in the World and Why

Let’s be honest; there hasn’t been one point in your life when you haven’t craved the succulent crunch of a tasty sausage wrapped inside a superbly soft roll. If there’s one thing in life which everyone can enjoy together; it’s a hot dog. Edible at any occasion, the hot dog is an American symbol for bringing people’s stomach’s together. Yes – chomping down on a hot dog isn’t quite a fine dining experience, but you can bet you will get as much pleasure guzzling down a supremely crafted dog as you would eating a rare fillet steak or coq au vin. However, what separates one dog from another? How much variety can you get when it comes to wrapping pork in a bun? If you don’t know already, here are a few hot dogs that are a cut of mustard above the rest.


Chicago Dog

Some people like their dogs simple, some people like their dogs stacked with all kinds of edible bells and whistles; the Chicago dog is for the latter. The Chicago dog is a no-holds-barred kind of snack coming straight to you from the Windy City. Imagine this – a shaved Vienna beef dog, sitting plump between a poppy seed bun covered with mustard, chunky green relish, tomato wedges, piquant peppers, chopped onions and a trademark dill pickle spear on the side….all with a light sprinkling of celery salt. A recipe truly inspiring I am sure you will agree.


Puka Dog

Life’s greatest thinkers often think outside of the box. The same thinking can be applied when it comes to hotdog; sometimes the best dogs don’t focus on the dogs themselves…but the bun! The bun of the Puka dog is made from the Hawaiians trademark sweet bread, toasted on the inside. After the toasting is done, injected inside is a bulging polish sausage. Nothing like an internationally-friendly dog to get the party started!


Popo’s Dogs

If you ever find yourself in Swampscott, Massachusetts, have a little wander down to the beach and you will find a small hut serving dogs. Which one, you ask? The one with the distinctly large queue coming out of it, of course! The hot dogs that Popo’s serves up bring in customers as far as Boston and New Hampshire, all making the trip to find what all the fuss is about. Known as mastering the toasting and buttering techniques of the buns, Popo’s has quite a name to live up to…so get your skates on and find out for yourself.


Crif Dogs

Before you visit Crif dogs in New York, make sure your have an empty stomach – because Crif dogs take the concept of the hot dog to the next level; hot dog wrapped in bacon topped with a fried egg and coated with cheddar cheese. Yes, this actually is a reality.


The Clinton

A hot dog that is named after the man himself that ordered it; Bill Clinton. If you are all about finding the world’s greatest hot dog, then a trip with Icelandair to Reykjavik, Iceland may be necessary to find the holy sausage grail. If you pop into Baejarins Beztu in Reykjavik, you will be able to order the Clinton, a boiled Icelandic dog accompanied by apparently the best mustard ever known to man, ketchup and remoulade. Rumour has it that the dogs are also boiled in beer, which is the secret to their amazing taste. The best thing about it is that it costs the equivalent of three dollars…a beefy bargain!


So, now you know there are plenty of dogs in the world filling out the sausage spectrum; surely you want to taste them all? Well, it’s easy – just pack a bag, and embark on the greatest hot-dog journey of a lifetime.

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