Christmas Decorating Ideas for your Home

xmas-decoratingDecember is here and everybody is getting charged up with the Christmas spirit in the air. With families coming together to celebrate the festive season, application of proper home Christmas decorations acts as the perfect icing on the cake. Through proper planning and effective selection, every family can achieve beautifully decorated homes through effective and affordable Christmas decoration ideas.



Listed below are some of the constructive Christmas decoration ideas to bring glamour and merry to your home.

Christmas Lights

Historically, Christmas holiday is associated with beautifully installed lighting systems from the street malls to houses. Through the application of rope light, one can highlight the outline of the house to make it more attractive during the evening and night period. Neon Christmas lights can also be used to create simple shapes like a Christmas tree shape through the flexible rope lighting system. You can choose to highlight the roof of the house and even the backyard including hedges. Borderline lighting creativity can be used to decorate the fireplace, interior room outlines, and backyard features like swimming pool, trees, and flowers. Application of seating and dining room chandelier with Christmas designed shapes like stars enhances beauty.

Holiday Table Setting

The dining table is where the most family shares some of the best Christmas memories as they come to eat together. Using red and white/ red and green checked tablecloths, napkins, and matching ribbons on utensils brings out a Christmas theme on the dining table. Strategic placement of Christmas ornaments, beautiful candle stands with scented candles, and glitter metallic or glass utensils reflect the table candle lights producing a beautiful table set up. Application of creative Christmas themed utensils like pine cone salt shaker does the trick.

Floor Decoration

Floor decoration is greatly dependent on the functionality in the house during the Christmas period. This is inclusive of the composition of the family that includes adults, children, and even pets. There are numerous floor types to select that vary from concrete, hardwood, tile, carpet, among others. Depending on the usage of a room, one can choose to apply different floor types in different house sections. This greatly requires a flooring expert service during installation, replacement, and expert advice. Hardwood floors are quite effective for Christmas decoration due to their durability, timelessness, and easy manipulation to blend with desired colors and lighting

Christmas tree Decoration

From using artificial plastic Christmas trees, LED Christmas trees, to the real vase biological Christmas trees, decoration of the trees has a great implication in achieving the ultimate beauty of the tree. Indoor Christmas trees can be decorated with the application of glitters or even selective placing of family member’s photos, scented candle lights among others. The tree’s location greatly matters for effective beauty.

Natural House Decoration materials

In order to achieve that natural touch at a cheaper cost, one can apply garlands to decorate the house. It presents that natural green color that is associated with Christmas and has diverse applications. From decorating the door/window grills, staircase railings, fireplace, and even the dining table edges. Natural pine cones can be selectively placed on the table or added on Christmas trees as decoration.

In conclusion, every family can achieve a beautifully decorated home that adds great flavor to the upcoming Christmas festive season. Christmas house decoration can be achieved through effective application of decorations like rope and neon lights, red and green table clothes in table setting, selection of different flooring materials, creative selection of Christmas tree decoration, and natural decoration material like cones and garlands.

Different Laser Types for Marking

pexelsphotoAs a manufacturing company, there are instances where you would need a laser marking system. A laser marking system can also be termed as a laser engraving system. Literally, the method utilizes light to mark materials by a means of fine sport diameter. Laser marking comes in different types and for this reason, it is important that you consider some factors before purchasing one for your company. For instance, consider the type of your industries application so as to determine the most valuable marking system to your company. Also, ensure you know the type of marks you require in order to choose the right machine that has the right types of marks. In case, you are lost for the best choice to fit your company, we have decided to discuss on some features of the few common laser marking machines to help you out with your choosing.


Annealing Laser Marking

As the name suggests, annealing means to apply heat to a surface material with low aggression. The process includes oxidation and the result usually is a solid black mark with a smooth finish. In addition, it leads to different colors such as red and yellow. The process is, however, slower because of various reasons. For instance, annealing process is heat oriented hence it is able to convey carbon to the surface in order to make markings. In addition, it has to be allowed to cool after the whole process. According to Boss Laser review, annealing is suitable to various types of metals such as iron, stainless steel, and steel.


Carbon Migration Laser Marking

The process includes heating of metal alloy that eventually leads to bonding of its carbon molecules with said metal. The carbon properties are, therefore, brought to the surface of the metal hence dark laser marking are created. Carbon migration laser marking is much more convenient than annealing as it provides high amount of heat rapidly. Carbon migration is, however, applicable to metals that only contain carbon. Such metals include carbide, titanium, and steel.


Foaming Laser Marking

Unlike other laser markings, foaming laser marking is used in plastics. This is usually when a plastic is darker and you want it to have a lighter color at the end. To achieve this, a molten burn on the surface is created. During the process, the surface is melted as the atmosphere foaming gas bubbles is created. As a result, the light refraction properties of the material are changed hence making forming advantageous. This is normally with the light symbols when it is requested for the product surface. Among the few applications that are suitable as with the foam laser marking are marking on ink cartridges, marking on keyboards, and marking on cosmetic packaging.


Coloration Laser Making

This is a process of adding color to both metals and plastic. The process includes heating precise parts of a material face depending on how it is expected to turn out. Due to the modifying process, the material’s surface is controlled hence different colors ad shades are experienced. Coloration is done to plastics via foaming process while in metals, the process includes oxidation. This is usually done to the surfaces that have either been treated or not treated. Coloration can be done to create decorative jewelry and making colors on a bottle cap amongst others.

So far, we assume that you have learned something about the different laser marking machines. Probably, you now know which one is the best for you and your company. It is, however, important that you keep checking as the laser markers are versatile and are continually growing.

Is Contract Screen Printing Right For You?

Is Contract Screen Printing Right For You?

If you have heard about the benefits of contract screen printing and how it can help your business grow you first have to understand what it is and how it works. Contract screen printing is a highly competitive and demanding task of taking on orders just for printing services. These type of customers provide garments – and often times the artwork as well – unlike that of custom printing where the contract decorators usually provide them.


With tight deadlines and a high stress work environment, the success of your business will depend on only a small number of customers. Sound like something you can handle? Then contract screen printing may be a good option for you. In the long run it keeps business running continuously and keeps profits high but it is not easy. It has it’s pros and cons and you have to be prepared to deal with them should you choose to go this route with your business.


The Benefits

Contract screen printing obviously has its challenges. You will be working with fewer customers but your machines will never stop running. There will be no sales staff to deal with, no inventory, no artists, and really large orders. Your customers will have a broad knowledge base and will provide you with the garments and usually artwork too. So in essence the times when you would not normally have work, screen printing Dallas will bridge that gap and you will continue to turn a profit.


The Challenges

Contract printers usually make less per order in comparison to custom decorators. There are some other things to consider as well:


  • Deadlines – A critical part of contract printing.
  • Equipment – With contract orders being in the thousands, there is no way you can use a manual press.
  • Communication – Problems in communication can result in issues with custom work.
  • Finishing – Many contract orders revolve around retail areas and customers expect these finishing services (such as tagging, folding, and bar-coded boxes) to be offered along with their order.
  • Checking Goods – The process of receiving and managing each customer’s goods.


Don’t Always Say Yes

With a smaller customer base, some customers may want to order you around to get their needs met more quickly. This might be something like a customer telling you to buy a equipment only for them in order to process their order more quickly. Be firm and don’t be afraid to tell the customer ‘no’. It’s best to seek out clients in a variety of areas and not just one. Also remember that each area has its own peak season.


Take Your Time

Should you decide to begin contract screen printing, it’s important to not overwhelm yourself with too much at once. Orders may grow too large and deadlines may become too much to meet as scheduled. Acquire larger orders slowly that way you can balance out your shop better. Having consistent work is always better than not having any. So if you are searching for a way to make your business grow, contract screen printing is definitely the solution just don’t take on too much too soon and you will quickly begin to see the benefits.

How to Find the Best Tech Products Online

The world is evolving with technology at the lead since different devices, accessories and gadgets are being invented almost on a daily basis. Due to the high demand for various tech products such as the smartphones and other accessories, this has also led to some companies designing fake products that are quite similar to the original products, and as a consumer, it is quite easy to buy fake products without even noticing it. Some of these products are sold online or in nearby electronic retail shops. This has led to some companies such as Bestviva coming up with useful techniques to help the consumers choose the legit and original products especially in the case where they buy online. The methods include providing reviews of the best tech products sold by the well-known brands, and from the information, a client can be able to choose the most suitable product to buy and where to find it too. Other tips to use on how to find the best tech products are;


Buy from a reliable source.

There are thousands of companies that have established websites for sales purposes. With all these websites it is quite difficult to know the one selling the right products especially since other sites sell these products at a low price with the aim of attracting more buyers and dealers to their site. So to be on a clear side, avoid buying your tech products from any website that you come across and instead try to focus on the well-established sites that have been dealing with such services for many years. Some of the well-known websites are the Amazon and the eBay. Buy in such web site since apart from selling high-quality products, they also sell their products with a warranty for quality purposes.


Know your needs.

Before you even begin to search for that product online, you need to know the features and specifications that you need in that product. Note that some items are upgraded after some time to offer better and improved services to the customers and therefore, ensure that you know the features incorporated in the new model before you purchase it. All websites include the products descriptions at the bottom of the product so read them to ensure that you are buying the improved product, not the old one in the case where you want a replacement.


Buy older techs.

You can also get high-quality tech products from the olds models. Just be careful not to get confused by the low prices offered on those products as the primary focus should be the quality, not the price. The difference between an old tech and a new one is found in the added features that are present in the new one but not in the old ones. For example, if you want to buy an iPhone and you can’t afford the model 7, you can buy iPhone 6 which is slightly cheaper than seven but have lesser features as compared to model 7. An iPhone 7 cannot be rating at the same price with iPhone 6 and therefore if you find such offers try as much as possible to avoid buying from that dealer since the phone may be a fake or duplicated model.

New Remote Keylogger for Concerned Parents

As a parent these days your kids are online more than ever. Most kids don’t even watch TV anymore. YouTube has replaced it. So what are your kids doing online with all their free time? Who are they talking to? What kinds of videos are they watching on YouTube anyways? Parents need to know what their kids are up to.

Parental Keylogging Demystified

One of the best ways to see what your kids are up to is to get their passwords. Then you can sign into their social accounts and see what they have done. There is a type of software that does this. It is called a keylogger. A keylogger is special software that you put on their computer (usually without them knowing). It records every keystroke so you can see it. It is an easy way you can get your kids passwords.

It might sound hard to put a keylogger on your kids computer… and you might be right depending on the kind of software you choose. In this article I am going to assume you are not very technical at all. The idea of putting a complicated piece of software on their computer is just too hard.

We looked at a few of these different solutions on the market. The one we found the best and easiest to use is called pcTattletale. Let’s look at why.

pcTattletale – the best keylogger for parents

We picked pcTattletale as the best keylogger for parents for a few reasons. I will list them out here for you:

– Easy to use. If you can install a program like Microsoft word on your computer then you can install pcTattletale. It is actually not much different. You just install it like any program. They have a great article on how to install a keylogger on a PC. Check it out to see how easy it is. The only difference between installing pcTattletale and any other program? After you install it the software disappears. You can not see it anymore. Neither will your kids. After it is installed you can see their keystrokes from the pctattletale website… and that leads me into reason #2.
– A Remote keylogger. You probably do not want to go over to your kids computer to see their keystrokes. PC Tattletale is a remote keylogger. Like I said earlier you can view the keystrokes from their website. That means you can see them from your smartphone, a tablet, or another computer. Sitting at your desk at work? No problem. Check in with what your kids are doing at home on the computer. Are they really doing their home work?
– More than just keystrokes. One problem with keyloggers is most of your kid’s passwords are already filled in. You probably notice this too. We all forget our passwords. Browsers remember them for us. So if they are not typing in their password you can’t get it. pcTattletale makes little YouTube like movies of everything they do. Even if they do not enter their Facebook password (for example), you can still see them log into Facebook and chat it up with their friends.

pcTattletale makes simple YouTube videos that show you everything your kids do online:

In the screen shot above you can see a click chart of how active they are on the computer. You might be REALLY surpsrised to see your 9 year old up at 3:00 am playing video games on a school night.

As a parent you really need to see what your kids are up to online. Keyloggers are great way to do it. We found pcTattletale to be the best. Go check it out now at – In the next 5 minutes you can have it up and running. Then you will know exactly what your kids are doing all day long.


Why This Inside Trader Wants His Conviction Overturned

Michael Kimelman

Michael Kimelman served prison time for his trades. Then a court redefined the law.

With his gray-flecked beard, sad eyes and slight build, Michael Kimelman looks much too soft for a man who spent 15 months in the brutal confines of the Lewisburg, Pa., federal penitentiary. Convicted of insider trading in 2011, Kimelman was one of the more than 80 people that U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara took down in a far-reaching Wall Street crackdown.

The 45-year old former lawyer and stock trader was one of the small fry snared in the net, and his story has been mostly forgotten. But three and half years after Kimelman was convicted—and 16 months after he came out of prison—an appeals court struck down two of Bharara’s other convictions, imposing a narrower interpretation of insider trading. Of the dozen or more people whose guilt was called into question in the wake of that ruling, Kimelman is the only one to do time—and the only one whose conviction still stands.

It’s not for want of trying. More than a year ago, on March 12, 2015, Kimelman filed a motion to vacate his conviction. In a supporting memo, his lawyer, Alexandra Shapiro, who also represented the two men whose guilty verdicts were overturned in the appeals decision, argued that Kimelman was convicted “on the thinnest of evidence,” and that a “clear and fundamental miscarriage of justice” had occurred. Last June, Shapiro requested a date for oral arguments. But the court denied the motion and has made no rulings since then despite a flurry of filings from Shapiro and the government. (The federal district court and the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York declined to comment for this story.)

A former Sullivan & Cromwell lawyer turned stock trader, Kimelman was stripped of his licenses after being convicted of two counts of securities fraud and one for conspiracy. He was hardly a Wall Street titan. The trade he was convicted for netted him only $80,000 (the government alleged it earned the hedge fund where he worked at the time a quarter of a million dollars). Whatever wealth Kimelman accumulated was cleaned out by the trial and associated fines.

He has started to put his life back together with the help of a friend who put up capital for a new business venture, the Clarity Groupe, which mostly invests in residential real estate. Another friend helped him rent a small two-bedroom apartment in the middle-class Westchester County town of Mamaroneck, five minutes away from his three children, now 12, 10 and 6, who split their time with him and his ex-wife, who lives in the former family home in tonier Larchmont.

The marriage didn’t survive prison, but Kimelman has grown philosophic. “I’m very grateful for what I have,” he says. “Before I went away, my head wasn’t clear. I was drinking too much. I didn’t appreciate what I had in my life–three healthy children, an amazing and loyal cadre of family and friends,” he says from the cramped office in midtown Manhattan he now shares with several other entrepreneurs.

‘Drugs or money?’

When the talk turns to his prison experience, Kimelman describes it as nothing short of barbaric. Kimelman says he ate food that was “inedible,” wrapped himself in newspapers “like a homeless person” to endure freezing temperatures when the heat was turned off, and fended off requests for “shower dates.” Most of the time, Kimelman slept on a bunk bed, in a room the size of a basketball court, along with 125 other inmates whom you could reach out and hit without ever leaving your bed.

“Drugs or money?” were the first words Kimelman heard from his correction officer when he arrived at Lewisburg. He quickly learned that meant that most of the incarcerated were doing time for either financial or drug crimes. Kimelman says his teen years in the San Fernando valley of California, where he attended public schools rife with gang violence, helped him prepare for prison life. For the first four months in prison, he was held in a tiny cell with two African-American drug dealers who, he says, were “not the most friendly people.”

Kimelman is no saint, of course. He admits he got caught up in the fast-money, hard-drinking culture of Wall Street (he got sober in prison). And he made the fatal error of hooking up with Zvi Goffer, whose brother Emanuel had helped Kimelman start his trading firm, Incremental Capital, in late 2007. Zvi Goffer had contacts not only with convicted inside trader Raj Rajaratnam (where Zvi worked briefly) but also with Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital—prosecutor Bharara’s ultimate focus.

That made Zvi Goffer a target, and he was a rich one. Starting in 2007, Goffer –through a middleman– began paying lawyers at Ropes and Gray thousands of dollars in cash for tips on upcoming merger announcements. The government said those tips led to $10 million in profits in total for those who invested alongside Goffer. Among all the defendants connected to Goffer, Kimelman was the only one whom the government did not say knew about the cash payments. He was also the only one in Goffer’s circle who did not use pre-paid cell phones to avoid detection.

Kimelman’s bad luck may have been being tried alongside Goffer, making guilt by association almost unavoidable. Bain Capital’s 2007 bid to acquire 3Com was the first illicit info the feds knew that Goffer received, and he and others, including Kimelman, began buying the stock that summer. There was no direct evidence that Goffer had given any inside information to Kimelman, and rumors of a deal between Bain and 3Com had been reported in the Wall Street Journal before Kimelman bought 3Com’s stock. Kimelman purchased 94,200 shares the day after he had a 25-minute conversation with Goffer. The content of their conversation is unknown, but the government suggested Kimelman knew Goffer was getting inside tips because he joked with a prospective investor (in reality an FBI informant) that the source of Goffer’s tips was a construction worker fixing a pothole on the street.

On appeal, the government said that a reasonable juror could infer that Kimelman knew Goffer had obtained information illicitly. But there was no smoking gun. Another wired FBI informant who sat next to Kimelman at Incremental for 18 months came up empty-handed and did not testify. Today, as then, Kimelman says he did not know Goffer was receiving illegal information. But here’s the killing part. Even if he had known, that’s not a crime.

Redefining insider trading

Or at least, it isn’t any longer. On December 10, 2014, a three-person Second Circuit appellate court panel overturned the convictions of former hedge fund portfolio managers Todd Newman, of Diamondback Capital, and Anthony Chiasson, of Level Global, laying out a new standard for insider trading. That standard states a recipient of the tips can only be criminally liable for insider trading if he knew that the person who originally disclosed the information did so in exchange for a personal benefit beyond mere friendship. The appeals court held that the law requires “an exchange that is objective, consequential, and represents at least a potential gain of a pecuniary or similarly valuable nature.”

Like Kimelman, both Newman and Chiasson were far-removed from the source of the illicit tips they traded on, and there was no evidence they knew whether the source of those tips had received a financial benefit. Without such knowledge, the appeals court said, their insider trading convictions could not stand.

The court specifically called out Judge Richard Sullivan, who previously worked in Bharara’s office and had gone along with the prosecution by refusing Newman and Chiasson’s request to instruct jurors that a guilty verdict would be contingent on having such knowledge. The appeals panel called his jury instruction “erroneous.”

The appeals court decision sent shock waves through Bharara’s office. Prosecutors tried unsuccessfully to get a full appeals court rehearing, and the U.S. Supreme Court turned down their request for a review. Then the dominoes started falling. The conviction of Michael Steinberg, the highest-ranking lieutenant of Steve Cohen to be indicted in the massive sting, was dismissed shortly after the Supreme Court decided not to review the case, and a dozen similar cases were thrown out, including those of several people who had pled guilty and had become informants.

Sullivan was also the judge at Kimelman’s trial, and at the sentencing had expressed some sympathy toward the convicted trader, saying, I thought it was certainly a close case. It wouldn’t have shocked me had it gone the other way.” Shapiro reminded Sullivan of that statement in her letter to the court, and pointed out that the case closely tracks the Newman one, but Sullivan to date hasn’t done anything about it.

Meanwhile, Bharara’s office is fighting Kimelman’s motion, arguing in court filings that it is too late for him to vacate his conviction and that he should have raised this issue in his own appeal.

It’s a Catch-22 situation: The government dropped cases similar to Newman that were still ongoing—either on appeal or pending sentencing—when the ruling came down. But Kimelman’s appeal had already been denied, and he was sentenced and did time, and lawyers say that the further a convicted defendant gets from the trial and appeal, the harder it is to overturn the conviction. Kimelman remains on probation, so that gives him the legal right to ask the court to vacate the sentence. But lawyers who have followed the insider-trading cases say that the government has dug in its heels to avoid giving any more ground. “The government is not inclined to say, poor guy, we screwed up his life unnecessarily,” says one such attorney.

Moreover, the Supreme Court recently agreed to hear another insider trading case, from California, that also concerns the “personal benefit” issue. Although the details are different from the arguments of Newman and Kimelman, the case raises the possibility that the Supreme Court will partially validate prosecutors’ view of insider trading.

“Mr. Kimelman is relying on a construction of insider trading that is not universally accepted,” says Michael Bowe, a white-collar criminal defense partner at Kasowitz Benson who has followed the insider trading cases closely. “I think most courts would wait for the Supreme Court to speak before deciding whether vacating is warranted. The story is simply not yet finished.”

Last month the impact of the Newman decision was underscored in Bharara’s first post-Newman insider trading indictment. Professional gambler William Walters, who allegedly paid former Dean Foods Chairman Thomas Davis for illegal tips, was charged with insider trading, along with Davis, who pled guilty. Notably, the government was unable to indict a third person who made close to $1 million on those tips: professional golfer Phil Mickelson, whose information came from Walters. Mickelson allegedly used the profits to pay off gambling debts to Walters, but the fact that he wasn’t indicted suggests that even that apparently couldn’t pass the Newman “personal benefit” test.

‘There’s a big scarlet letter on me.’

Kimelman isn’t giving up, and for good reason. As a convicted felon, he can’t get back his law or securities licenses. He can’t even get a bank loan. Deals at Clarity Groupe sometimes fall through when prospective partners learn of his background. “There’s a big scarlet letter on me,” he says.

Kimelman was offered a plea deal shortly after his arrest in 2009, when agents came to his house at 5:30 am, handcuffed him, and took him away. Though he insists he is innocent, he says life would have been easier, in some ways, had he taken the deal. “I could have avoided a year and a half of pretrial anxiety with an axe hanging over my head,” he says. “I wouldn’t have gone to prison and been separated from my children and family. My marriage might have survived.”

In the meantime, he’s written a book about the case that is being published by Skyhorse Publishing and is due out in December. Kimelman, who is acting as his own agent, is also is working on a pilot for a TV series based loosely about the Bronx halfway house he stayed in for the last six months of his 21-month term, but so far it hasn’t been picked up.

Kimelman says he has no plans to sue the government and only wants “reputational redemption” for a case he believes never should have been brought. “This is a seven-year nightmare at this point,” he says. “How much more time and suffering does it take before someone does the right thing?”

Engraver’s Dungeon Amazing Pine Posters

Engraver’s Dungeon Amazing Pine Posters

WPM1-movie-poster-metropolis-11-510x510Check out our new friends over at  Engravers Dungeon and see why they are our current favorite place for Christmas shopping!

Formed by a team of graphic designers and engineers passionate about science fiction, space, physics and terror movies, and thanks to laser engraving, they succeeded in combining their experience with their passion. These amazing laser engraved wood posters are created using different techniques of traditional woodcraft together with advanced design programs. The outcome is a beautiful piece of poster art.

All the posters are made of quality solid pine wood, which passes through different treatment finishing to insure quality and uniqueness, no two posters will ever be the same.

To create a one of a kind poster, first they select the wood, carefully cut it, and last sand it by hand. Once the images are created, prepared and filtered they go through the laser engraving process in order to achieve the best result on the wood. Finally a coat of varnish is applied to protect and keep the art in great condition for a long life. The pine wood Engraver’s Dungeon use is planted for commercial use, which helps keep our earth happy. They never cut down any pine that was not planted intended for Engraver’s Dungeon use. Talk about going green!

The coolest part, if you can pick just one, is the fact that every wooden poster is totally unique, because the pattern and grain of the wood is never the same.

They currently are holding a contest on Instagram where you can win a free wood poster! Click HERE for contest rules and more info on how to win! Also, If you like their work you can follow them by clicking on the links below!

If you are as interested as we were about the creative process, you can read about the entire process used in the poster making process on their Blog.

099700-glossy-waxed-wood-icon-social-media-logos-twitter-bird3-square logo-instagram_woodfb logo








You will have no problem finding the perfect gift for almost everyone on your shopping list!

Happy Holidays! Review

Tapped Life Apparel Our barely-sober friends who brought you Craft Brewed Clothing have expanded their silly little empire to include, a craft beer lifestyle website covering industry news, beer festivals, brewery/ beer reviews and of course, beer t-shirts and work shirts.

We recently got our hands on some of the Dickies brand Work Shirts hand printed in the United States by the drinkers at Tapped Life and they are nice. The shirt is a 65% polyester, 35% cotton blend, which makes it super comfortable after a few washings but keeps it from shrinking. It’s a really comfy shirt to wear while working (hence the name, work shirt) and we think that any home brewer or industry professional would love to sport these bad boys while banging out some craft brews.

Our favorite thing about Tapped Life is their selection of funny creative beer designs. Too often, we find a “craft beer” apparel company that designs one logo and print it over and over again on different types of apparel. has over 25 great craft beer and food-related designs available and their graphic artists are always working on new ones.

Another crafty approach that sets apart from most of those other apparel company is their selection of women’s beer shirts. Almost every design is offered in both men’s and fitted women’s cuts. Women have been attacking the brewing industry both professionally and as enthusiasts in a big way and Tapped Life wants to make sure the ladies are properly attired.

The Tapped Life Blog is another great reason to hit the site. The TL Team does nearly 30 craft beer and food festivals a year and has a great take on all things crafty including brewfests, industry news and product reviews, funny beer stories, photos and home brewing info.

Use the promo code hoppydrinker to get a 10% site wide discount courtesy of your friends at Cheaper Than A Shrink.




Looking Your Best On Video Chat

Skype-and-FaceTimeToday is definitely the generation of the filtered selfies and photo-shopped profile pictures. So what happens when you need or want to video chat, in real time, without convenient access to unlimited re-takes and handy filters, how can we put our best face forward?

When it comes to the way we run our life and business in today’s social media generation, FaceTime, Skype, and pretty much all video chat services are always in use and in high demand. Not only are we in the age of keeping in touch with friends and family through video chat, many companies use video conferencing for professional interviews, team meetings and even client interviews..

For me personally video chat plays a huge roll in my everyday correspondence with both personal and professional contacts. And being that I am human, I have always felt a little more than awkward and self-conscious on video chat as opposed to meeting in person. So through trial and error in my search to always feel the most secure and comfortable in life, I have played around with a few tips, tricks, and techniques in order to find the key elements you can strategically manipulate in order to look your best on video chat! Your appearance matters, but you also want your environment to be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Lighting Matters

As we have already discussed you can not turn to flattering filters for video chats, but you can manipulate with great lighting! A pretty general rule in video chatting, picture taking and basic life is that fluorescent lightning is probably the most unflattering light known to man and can cast some creepy shadows and terrible angles. Natural light is always going to showcase you in a more appealing way, whenever possible go for the back drop of a natural light source. Even when using natural light you will find that you still need more illumination to come across professionally and clear. (more…)

LeviBoard Review

Black LeviBoardMove over Segway, the future is here! The LeviBoard brings some much needed style and fun to the electronic cruising devices on the market.  The self-balancing board has no need for handlebars or any sort of steering contraption, it moves based solely on subtle pressure from your feet and body.

The awesome people over at LeviBoard sent us a sample to try out for ourselves. Not only was it fun to learn, it was also funny watching others try to balance and use their bodies to get moving…  By the end of the day all the staff here at Cheaper Than A Shrink, as well as the kiddies were fighting over who got to ride it next.

Check Out the LeviBoard in action The battery-powered LeviBoard responds as you shift your balance on the board, rolling forward and backward as you lean in either direction. Moving is pretty easy after being a little wobbly at first, but once you get the hang of it, you are good to go. The battery life is about 12 miles/6-7 hours on a single 3 hour charge, with a max speed of about 12 MPH (try doing that on a bike without hyperventilating. Also, only mall cops and old people should be seen dorking it out on a segway… I’m just saying.

Safety is always a top priority so all LeviBoards are equipped with a set of lights on the rear that look pretty bad ass as you coast down the boardwalk…

Key details:
* LeviBoard is a new amazing device that lets you ride the streets without any effort.
*Similar to the segway, this device is portable, small and pretty fast for its small size.
* Just think of going forward, and you’re moving! You can also easily turn left and right using your feet.
* The device is charged electronically and can be used for a long time before charging out (up to a day).
Yellow LeviBoard

Check out the latest versions available. Save over $200 on your Leviboard.
Click Here to Buy a Leviboard

Important info:
Dimensions: 22 inches x 7 inches x 7 inches
Weight: 12 kgs
Max Load: 300 lbs
Max Speed: 12 MPH (10-12 km/h)
Battery: Lithium-ion 36v 4.4AH
Charging Time: 2-3 Hours
Remote Included

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LifeFone Mobile Apps Review

lifefoneMobile Alert and Family Guard by LifeFone Apps were designed with the intentions of maintaining a sense of peace of mind, no matter where you or your loved ones are or what situation you may find yourself in and works anywhere in the USA. The best part is that the app is free to download and the service, depending on which fits your needs best, ranges from Mobile Alerts (individuals) $5.95/month and Family Guard (families) $9.95/ month. The App works like a personal alarm that is on you at all times, as long as your phone is in arm’s length. Let’s be honest, in today’s society, when isn’t it?

This app is a wonderful gift of relief for parents, spouses, single young ladies and just about anyone who is alone a lot or has loved ones to worry about! Worrying about the ones we love occupies a big portion of our minds and days when they are not around, these Apps can help you rest in peace or at least feel a little more secure while your child is getting out of work late at night or hanging out with friends. Also for times when your wife wants to go jogging at the break of dawn alone… There are millions of situations including the elders in our life and ones with health issues when Family Guard could avoid putting loved ones in harm’s way and even save lives. In emergencies, every moment matters and criminals and health issues do not take any breaks, so neither does Family Guard.

It is highly stressed that when setting up your account you closely follow the Emergency Notification Instructions. Especially when medical conditions are involved. Details such as any known allergies and or medications need to be provided for each family members’ account so the information can be added to the official record. That way this information can be relayed to emergency responders, making all the difference in a medical emergency.  Although this app will come in very handy, it is important that it is combined with safety practices that you can follow on your own as well. Being aware of your surroundings and belongings is very important at all times! Using your intuition to sense if someone is watching or following you can save your life. When possible, the buddy system is always safer than going at it alone. Be sure to park in well it areas, don’t fumble for your keys once you get to your car, have them out and ready to go while you are walking…. Keys can also be used as a weapon if it comes down to a fight for survival.

panic button


  • You don’t have to speak to get help when you press your button
  • Your call center immediately accesses the profile you’ve provided when you press your panic button
  • They know who you are, what vital medical and personal information to relay to first responders
  • The ability to locate you is often more precise than 911.

Family Guard was created with a very simple premise in mind, to make families feel safer! You basically can download for free a personal mobile security system, available for Android and iPhone based users. With just a touch of a button on your phone you are protected with GPS tracking and when the App is activated, the user is immediately connected to LifeFone’s U.S.-based call center where trained operators are waiting and ready to provide immediate assistance and security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You can’t put a price on knowing that you have access to a trained professional who can immediately alert First Responders until you or your loved one is safe.

Great product, user friendly and definitely worth the monthly cost knowing there is an extra layer of security between myself and loved ones and harm.

LifeFone Apps for Apple LifeFone Apps for Android

For Meetings App Review

for meeting appWe have been asked to be a brand ambassador for the new app For Meetings by Imperative Software Pty Ltd. For the past week, we have switched from our usual go to software to see if the For Meeting app is up to par and able to keep us organized and running smoothly on our day to day agendas. The most important part of maintaining productive office efficiency is keeping the whole team prepared and staying on the same page at all times, everyone on point is key.

So after the staff downloaded the app and we all took a few minutes to feel our way around to get acquainted, I asked for an overall census thus far. The collected opinion was that For Meetings, when ran for the first time seems a little overwhelming at first due to the amount of tools you initially must familiarize yourself with, but once you get the hang of it you quickly see how this app definitely puts a fresh spin and clear approach for iPad users on all things organizational; editing meeting notes, agenda items etc. with the portability of an app!

As all good business minded individuals know, a well-organized meeting starts with a comprehensive agenda and ends with a set of detailed notes completing the process. The layout was built to handle some serious business. All the tools you need to keep things flowing are at your fingertips while the app remains user-friendly and easy to navigate, after some trial and error of course. This comes as a big bonus when you are in the type of business where meetings change, notes need to be added, location changes happen quite frequently and so on.

With for Meetings you can easily keep track of all your meeting agendas, attendees, and decision making processes. This is a free app compatible with Apple devices including the iPad and iPhone. Just make sure you have 7.6 MB of space on your iOS device prior to downloading. Enjoy!

You can download the app from here For more information feel free to visit their website

KeySmart Review


The people over at KeySmart recently sent two of these cute and smart little gadgets to us to review and sell on Cheaper Than A Shrink. Here is what we thought and why we are happy to promote them on our page!

KeySmart was created to organize your keys with it’s simple, yet practical design and it definitely gets the intended job done. With the cool look of an army knife, this compact key holder neatly and comfortably fits in your pocket without adding bulk and without tearing up your pants!

Buy Now Via Amazon


Many keys fit nicely into a convenient compact package
Saves your pants from getting worn out
Customizable/expandable with extra extenders
Very lightweight.

A little confusing to figure out the correct arrangement for your keys
It does loosen up over time and just needs a quick tightening.

This clever little invention is made out of aluminum and stainless steel keeping it lightweight and durable. No more weird pocket bulge or thigh poking thanks to its slim and streamlined design. Makes a great gift for anyone and comes in a array of color choices.



Five Online Card Games That You’ve Never Heard of Before


 Let’s face it… playing cards online is fun! Not only are online games a great way to pass the time, you can even make a little money on the side. Whatever your pleasure, there are some really cool card games that you may not have heard of. From an unusual twist on poker to a variation on a familiar favorite, card play has never been more enjoyable. Let’s take a look at five great games.

Omaha Poker

Omaha is a terrific variation on Texas Hold’em that’s played with four ‘hole’ cards, rather than the typical two. When it’s time for the showdown, the player with the best five-card hand wins. Omaha poker is different from standard Hold’em because players must use exactly two of their hole cards and three of the community cards to create their hands. Otherwise, the game format and betting structure are the same.

Omaha can be played as a high only game in which players attempt to make the best traditionally ranked poker hand, or as a high-low variation (also called Omaha Eight or Better) in which they attempt to make both high and low hands, with pots often being split between one or more players.

Phase 10

If you’ve never played Phase 10, it’s worth checking out. You can compete with friends in this great classic game on Facebook. The goal is to be the first to complete ten different phases without falling behind. It’s exciting, challenging, free and, most importantly, it’s fun! There’s even a weekly leaderboard that shows who’s on top. The graphics are high resolution and the animation is entertaining. Complete phases, get the robots to blow their fuses, share your winning scores with friends… just get started. Once you’re on, you’re hooked!

Rummy 500

Rummy 500, also called Pinochle Rummy, Persian Rummy, 500 Rummy and 500 Rum, is a variation of Rummy. Although it’s similar to the traditional game, online Rummy 500 allows players to draw other cards besides the ‘up-card’ from the discard pile. Ultra-intense, it’s hard not to be totally hooked on the game.  In most variations, melded cards score points and deadwood (un-played) cards are subtracted. The game is played with a standard 54-card deck (52 cards and 2 jokers) and between two to eight players. If there are more than five players, two decks (108 cards) are recommended.

Castle Wars 2

If you’re looking for a fun and imaginative game that’s different from the rest, Castle Wars 2 is a mixed-card strategy game. The goal is to either crush the castle of your enemy or build a hundred-story castle ahead of your opponents. The cards allow you to gain resources, defend, attack and build, without being crushed. Actions cost valuable resources, so game-play involves careful decision making and strategy. Simply use your mouse to play this exciting and unusual online card game!


Creights, also spelled Crates or Craits, is a unique variation of Crazy Eights. Just be warned; it’s a quick-paced game. Creights is similar to ‘Phase 10’ and ‘Uno.’ It was developed in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the ‘70s. Fast and exciting, Creights is a thrilling variation on a great classic.

So, if you’re ready to try something new with a twist, any of the above games could prove to be a winner!


Method: How I Get Apple iPhones and iPads for Dirt Cheap

We come across a lot of products and gadgets while looking online to locate products we want to showcase here on Cheaper Than A Shrink. Sometimes we stumble across hidden jewels that are quite beneficial. In this post, I will basically give you a piece of a particular hidden gem we have been using for the past few months. I guess I am in a giving mood!

This method revolves around penny auction websites. Penny auctions are auctions in which all participants pay a non-refundable fee to bid on items they are interested in. The highest bid wins. It is that simple. Some of the popular penny auction sites include Quibids, Beezid and HappyBidday. On these penny auction sites, one can purchase top-notch products for anywhere between 40-75% off retail price.

Now let me explain what we have been doing. First, you do not want to register on the most popular auction websites because there is just too much competition and you want to stay away from the websites that do not get any traffic due to the fact that they are probably a scam. The one we have been using is Dibzees! I am a fan of this site so here is a quick Dibzees review. Are you ready? It works, not a lot of competition compared to other auction websites and their shipping does not take forever. It’s as simple as that. It is FREE to register so I suggest you sign up and look around. Here is a little graphic on how it works.

Dibzees Review


Here are a few tricks of the trade that will help you get products for super low prices:

1. Take a quick look at how much the products have sold for recently

2. Have a price point that you do not want to surpass. You are in control. Do not get caught up in the gambling aspect!

3. Start bidding in the last minute

4. Best times to participate are Wednesdays and Thursdays. Do not know why but less competition for sure.

5. Take notes that will help you later on when bidding on auctions


Apple iPad 3

Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPhone 5s

Monster Beats Headphones

*Multiple Gift Cards (This is a great way to save and earn money! Contact me and I will tell you how. I am not willing to share it with everyone at this point)



Point Loma BBQ Cleaners in San Diego

Most BBQ grills never get cleaned properly and  some don’t cleaned at all.  Fortunately, for those looking for a San Diego grill cleaner the new company Point Loma BBQ Cleaners is now on the scene and steadily building up a solid reputation for thorough, professional and affordable work.

“We know people don’t want to clean their grill, it’s dirty, time consuming hard work. Now you can call us and we will do it for you,” commented a spokesperson from the company.  “There’s many, many benefits to cleaning you grill and we’re happy to provide the service.”

Not many people are aware of the fact, but according to recent research from the BBC the average grill contains more dangerous microbes than a toilet seat.  A deep grill cleaning every six months to a year, done by professionals, is a sure way to solve this problem and ensure that food is being grilled on a surface that is clean and free of potential health risks.


Benefits of a grill cleaning include:


  • Health – We remove harmful carcinogens that can be transferred to your food.
  • Extend the life of your grill – Prevents the future corrosion of parts
  • Sanitation – A clean grill will keep away pests and their droppings.
  • Safety – Regular grill cleanings cut down smoke and reduce flare-ups.
  • Taste – Your food will taste better after your grill is cleaned.
  • Eco Friendly – Our  cleaning products are 100% biodegradable and safe.

5 Great New Apps for Saving Money!

powershopappSaving money is hard but with the help of some excellent phone apps, you just might be able to reach your savings goals this year. Whether you have trouble following a budget or you like to use coupons to save money on groceries, these five new apps are a must for people trying to save money.

One of the newest and easiest apps to save you money is the Powershop app. Avoid big electric bill surprises by installing this app on your phone and get frequent updates on the amount of power you are using each month. Regular discounts are sent to you and you can check how much power you have used for the month at any time. You can pay your bill through the app and save money by learning when you are using too much power and making changes to decrease your level of power usage.

Applications such as the Debt Manager have one goal in mind, to get you out of debt so that you can start living a less stressful life. With this application you track, organize and pay off your debts as quickly as possible. By applying the debt snowball method, the app will tell you what bills to pay more on first, allowing you the freedom to pay off certain debts without ignoring other creditors. It isn’t always easy to decide how much to pay on each bill. This app will show you how to get out of debt quickly with proven methods of debt management. Monitor your monthly debt management progress with this great app.

Keep track of your daily expenses with the Budgt app and the unique features available on the interface. You are told day to day what you can afford and you enter expenses as they occur. The app keeps track of your monthly expenses and lets you know if you are on track to save money or lose money based on the information you have provided. You create whatever categories you feel are necessary. From food, to clothing or transportation, the choice is yours what expense categories you make and keep track of. By the end of the month you will know by percentages, where your money was spent and you can look for ways to improve your spending.

The purpose of the Stockwatch app is for you to be able to track your stocks straight from your iPad. The app doesn’t help you choose new stocks to buy, but is designed for you to track the stocks you already own and organize your stock portfolio in an easy to navigate system. You can create watch-lists, and named portfolios with this app. You will receive constant updates on prices, stock gains, costs and the current value of the stocks that you own. News feeds provide detailed stock market information for you to read through. Markets in the US, Europe and Asia are all supported with this application.

A great app for finding out local deals is the Vouchercloud app. You can browse deals online at your computer or install the app on your phone if you are on the go. Find coupon codes, promo codes and local deals that will save you money as you shop for the necessities in life.

The Best Hot Dogs in the World and Why

Let’s be honest; there hasn’t been one point in your life when you haven’t craved the succulent crunch of a tasty sausage wrapped inside a superbly soft roll. If there’s one thing in life which everyone can enjoy together; it’s a hot dog. Edible at any occasion, the hot dog is an American symbol for bringing people’s stomach’s together. Yes – chomping down on a hot dog isn’t quite a fine dining experience, but you can bet you will get as much pleasure guzzling down a supremely crafted dog as you would eating a rare fillet steak or coq au vin. However, what separates one dog from another? How much variety can you get when it comes to wrapping pork in a bun? If you don’t know already, here are a few hot dogs that are a cut of mustard above the rest.


Chicago Dog

Some people like their dogs simple, some people like their dogs stacked with all kinds of edible bells and whistles; the Chicago dog is for the latter. The Chicago dog is a no-holds-barred kind of snack coming straight to you from the Windy City. Imagine this – a shaved Vienna beef dog, sitting plump between a poppy seed bun covered with mustard, chunky green relish, tomato wedges, piquant peppers, chopped onions and a trademark dill pickle spear on the side….all with a light sprinkling of celery salt. A recipe truly inspiring I am sure you will agree.


Puka Dog

Life’s greatest thinkers often think outside of the box. The same thinking can be applied when it comes to hotdog; sometimes the best dogs don’t focus on the dogs themselves…but the bun! The bun of the Puka dog is made from the Hawaiians trademark sweet bread, toasted on the inside. After the toasting is done, injected inside is a bulging polish sausage. Nothing like an internationally-friendly dog to get the party started!


Popo’s Dogs

If you ever find yourself in Swampscott, Massachusetts, have a little wander down to the beach and you will find a small hut serving dogs. Which one, you ask? The one with the distinctly large queue coming out of it, of course! The hot dogs that Popo’s serves up bring in customers as far as Boston and New Hampshire, all making the trip to find what all the fuss is about. Known as mastering the toasting and buttering techniques of the buns, Popo’s has quite a name to live up to…so get your skates on and find out for yourself. (more…)

The Snugg iPad Case Review

The cool people at The Snugg sent us one of their awesome iPad Cases to review.

The Snugg iPad 3 Case Cover and Stand in Purple Leather

The Snugg case comes with a lifetime guarantee as well as in a large variety of pretty shades. Which is already a whole lot more than you can say for Apple’s handful of color choices, so right away I was excited…  Only days after making my choice of the light purple, I received my iPad 3 leather case in the mail. I can honestly say that it has already become my all time favorite case for my beloved iPad! It’s important to keep our expensive electronics protected and it’s really a great bonus when you can add style, function and quality to the mix.

I have been using my grey Apple cover since I purchased my iPad a few years ago. Mainly because I couldn’t find a better option, until now! I have tried a few other covers and cases and although some were really cute, they all had had a major flaw. Either it did not put the iPad to sleep when closing the cover or some didn’t even actually stay closed. So I would find my iPad open in my bag, draining the battery, with the possibility of the screen being damaged. I am a woman and on most days my purse is filled with so much rando crap, it is not safe to stick my hand in there without looking, let alone my unprotected iPad screen! (more…)

Time to Get Your House in Order

As we move into 2014, many of us are already breaking New Year’s resolutions and letting bad habits linger.  But it is not too late to make this year your most productive ever.  Change starts from within.  So cultivate a more proactive mindset, use it accomplish your long-neglected household goals, and watch as the small changes you make at home resound as positive evolutions in all aspects of your life.  If you are resolved to make 2014 a year of self-improvement, the time to start is now.  These tips will help you become more organized, more self-disciplined, and more successful.  It is time to get your house in order!

Organization is Everything

Organisation is the foundation of productivity.  So start your project by eliminating clutter, arranging important items in neat and easy-to-access places, and creating a more aesthetically appealing living space.  Hold a yard sale, and get rid of anything you don’t need or use.  Then do a quick online search for DIY organizational tips.  You’ll find a wealth of creative examples that allow you to create attractive home touches that keep your necessities neater.  Also be sure to pay careful attention to refining your home office space.   Filing systems, bookshelves, and organized desk drawers lend themselves to more efficient working habits.

Establish a Proactive Pattern

As important as it is to organise the objects in your life, it is even more important to organise your lifestyle.  So commit yourself to a strict routine that prioritizes your goals.  This may mean waking up early to spend a half-hour meditating each morning.  It may mean resolving to spend an hour each day after work at the gym.  Or it could even mean diligently setting aside time each day to work on the novel you’ve always wanted to write.  Whatever your goals happen to be, you will never accomplish them by putting them off ‘until the time is right.’  Work them into your daily routine, cultivate the self-discipline to stick with them, and don’t allow your life to slip by while putting off the pursuits you value most.

Fiscal Fidelity

Make no mistake about it: Putting your home in order means putting your finances in order, too.  With the prospect of retirement looming closer each year, it is never too early to start working towards it.  Many find it helpful to commit to a policy of always saving away unexpected income.  So when holiday bonuses, large commissions, inheritance, or any other abnormal income arrives, you may want to quickly deposit it into long-term savings before it hits your account and sparks the desire to splurge.  Company pensions and SIPPs can also be great resources for retirement saving.  Yet people often lose track of them when changing jobs and addresses, which is another reason organized filing systems are so important.  In any case, prioritizing your spending needs, eliminating unnecessary expenditures, and paying off debts can go a long way toward relieving stress and helping you pursue your goals. (more…)

Glass Ornaments and How to Take Care of Them

Glass ornaments are one of the most popular collectibles around the world today and many people pass these ornaments on to family and loved ones for centuries to come. However, proper care of these precious glass ornaments to ensure they last to be passed on through the ages. There are many ways to care for crystal ornaments and decorative glass and they are listed below.

One of the most dangerous things associated with an aging glass ornament is condensation. This can occur when temperatures and humidity fluctuate during storage. This can be extremely dangerous for these valuable ornaments because it will leave age spots on the glass. This occurs when water from the air condenses inside and outside the surface of the ornament when it evaporates. Due to this naturally occurring issue, age spots will appear. This can cause interior flaking of the ornament and even exterior paint damage. There are a couple of ways to prevent this from happening, one of which is by controlling the humidity in the area where you are storing the glass ornaments. A humidifier can work wonders in a storage area and can prevent aging and condensation. Also, you can also put coffee grounds or packs of silica in your storage boxes and this will absorb the excess humidity.

One of the most common problems associated with glass ornaments is with handling them properly. If the crystal ornaments or decorative glass ornaments are stored in a way that they are touching, they can easily crack or break by rubbing together. The best way to store these ornaments is in an acid free storage box. These boxes are divided and do not allow these precious ornaments to touch, and also being acid-free will help with humidity levels. However, be warned that if the paper in these boxes gets wet, it will stick, and possibly damage the ornaments. If an acid-free box is not available, carefully wrap each individual ornament in tissue or toilet paper so they cannot rub together or touch while being stored. Also, while storing and transporting the storage boxes, be sure not to stack them too heavy or drop the boxes.

Crystal ornaments and decorative glass ornaments are heirlooms to many families but in order to preserve and protect these ornaments, it is extremely important to know how to take care of them. By following the steps above, your glass ornaments will stay protected and beautiful for years to come.

Poo~Pourri Worked for Me

poo pourri shittin prettyToday we are going to talk about pooping. That’s right; pooping, going number 2, taking a dump, delivering some little brown babies… Regardless of whatever cute euphemism you use to describe it, it is a pretty normal bodily function, unless you are a robot. And yes, even really hot girls poop! Sorry to burst your ridiculous bubble guys.

What is an actual fact is that unlike disgusting men (no offense), most women do not drop nuclear bombs. As women, on a normal day (excluding Taco Tuesday of course) you should not be stinking up the place so bad that you need to pe-game the toilet prior to pooping. I mean unless you are sick, have IBS, or something. Otherwise maybe change your diet and eat a salad once in a while if what is coming out of your body is horrific enough to scare small children, or your man.

Most hygienic and healthy ladies I know can GO and act like she did nothing because we are not oozing from our bodies what can be compared to toxic waste. But I still like the idea of keeping a pleasant smelling bathroom not just for guests, but myself as well.

All that being said, on to the review:

How it claims to work

This is not meant to be sprayed in the air to add a flowery cover up… Poo-Pourri is different in that you spray 4 or 5 spritz into the water before you go and like magic, the essential oils form a layer over the water’s surface and keeps any unpleasant odors underneath the barrier; as pictured in the illustration below.


Poo Pourri

Does it work?

The staff and family members here at Cheaper Than A Shrink (including men) were incredibly impressed with how well it worked.  Poo-Pourri really is great at eliminating bathroom smells; not just covering them up and it comes in an adorable bottle (the men really loved that ~ lol). A few more bonuses: Cute bottle, nice aroma, comes in many more options than just the original lemon scent including “Shittin Pretty”.

Overall this product was given a thumbs up and has proven that it will come in handy very often, even when your poo smells like roses or preferably nothing. For example:

  • Use before your man, brother, dad, etc. goes number 2 in your apartment
  • Helpful for that time of the month when we are dealing with other type of unpleasantness
  • Use as an overall bathroom deodorizer in place of air spray
  • When you had asparagus for lunch, spray before you tinkle
  • Sometimes medication can add weird smells to our body fluids, gross but true
  • When your friend with IBS comes over
  • Taco Tuesday!

 “Poo Pourri ~ The Classy, Sassy, Ultra Effective Way to Leave the Bathroom Smelling Better Than You Found It”

 Click Here to Buy Now Via Amazon


Cool Last Minute Christmas Gifts

largeChristmas is in less than a week, but there is still plenty of time for you slacker last minute shoppers to get on the ball. Because as tempting as it is, sometimes this last minute gift giving idea… Is just not appropriate!

The Holidays are all about love, joy, turkey, families getting together and getting wasted and fighting… You know, tradition. But Christmas is also very much so about presents, try to deny it all you want. Go ahead and tell your kids, wife, etc. that this year we are just celebrating Christmas to receive the love and joy of the Holidays, with no consumerism. Good luck with that Happy Holiday! No, presents are not everything. But finding the right gift for the ones you love makes you feel great and them feel special!

Below are a few great and affordable options for your last minute “Oh Bleeb, I forgot about (enter name here)” shopping… (more…)

10 Amazingly Fun Sport Gadgets

Hammaka_chairsFrom large to small, pricy to cheap… there are many exciting sport’s gadgets on the market; a quick search on the net brings up thousands of quirky items. There’s something for everyone, both cool and geeky! You can start by checking out these ten fun sport-gadgets…

1)      Love to tail-gate? After you’ve set up the hibachi, hang your chairs from the back end of the pick-up truck and relax in style. In less than a minute you and your partner will enjoy sitting in your “Hammaka Chairs”… relaxing in style with a beer.

2)      Lost another golf ball? No worries… your “Weed Whacking Golf Club” is perfect for combating tall grass. Open the base and voilà… the ideal weed trimmer… you’re ready to take that next great shot.

3)      How about a “Porsche Sled” for the kids? This streamlined sled, manufactured by Porsche, includes a horn with its state-of-the-art contouring.  The best part is it costs a lot less (about $115 USD) than its adult counterpart!

highpogostick4)      And for the kid in you, how about a “high-power pogo-stick” designed and manufactured by the Vurtigo team… the all new “V3” features a lightweight aluminum tube and technologically advanced boltless- air piston. Both the standard “V3” (grey anodized-aluminum) and the cool black “V3 Stealth” provide high-powered jumping capacity.

5)      More into quiet time reclining and watching the game? Curled up in your very own “NFL Snuggie”! After placing a bet on your “Youwin’s Betting Calculator”, you can relax in style, dressed as your favorite player.

6)      For more stay at home fun, the “Balmoral Pool/Dining Table” provides indoor action coupled with elegant and efficient dining pleasure. The table flips and converts from pool table to meal table in a matter of seconds. Pricey yet versatile ($5,000 plus), it’s a must have for every pool-shark!

7)      Looking for something a little less expensive? You’ll look cool, and impress your friends, with a cap from the “2CLight Company”. Available in three styles, it is lightweight and washable, providing a beam of light over 20 meters long.

8)      Another one for the kids (and the entire family), the “Pool to Pavement Basketball Hoop” is a must have for every back yard. No pool is complete without this hoop/basketball that allows you to shoot again from the water, the diving board, or from the patio.  pooltable

9)      Speaking of sports, have you ever wondered just how fast you’re throwing that baseball? The “Radar Baseball” from Brookstone gives you an accurate reading. Switch on the ball, pitch as fast as you can, than check the gage to see just how hard you threw that sucker. You may be pleasantly surprised or… on your way to the gym to build those abs!

10)  Any poker players? Check out several great “poker chips” printed with a custom logo. Find high quality, casino grade chips that are certain to improve your game while adding a little luxury and class.

…just a sampling of the cool, sporty, useful, and somewhat nerdy sport’s gadget available on the web!

Beard Head Review

Beard HeadThe geniuses over at Beard Head sent Cheaper Than A Shrink FOUR of their hilarious knitted products for free! Here is what the staff and our kids had to say about them.

♥ “This is a great hat/mask for winter as it really kept my face warm. It feels soft and is not itchy at all.”

♥ “It looks really silly on me and my friends think it’s awesome.”

♥ “The quality is great! It kept me warm at a cold football game and I looked pretty cool.”

♥ “Wearing this hat gives you the street cred you deserve.”

Beard Heads are a very stylish and masculine way to keep your face warm in cold weather by combining the comfort and warmth of a traditional knit cap with the added bonus of an epic beard and mustache…  The unique design protects pretty much your entire face making them perfect for all cool weather outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, etc.

If you are a man or woman (no judging here) that lacks the ability to grow facial hair, but has always wanted an epic beard and prestigious mustache, Beard Head will make these dreams come true for you.

Although these are hilarious and a wonderful novelty gift idea, they are also fully functional.  Beard Head knit beard caps are one size fits most, durable and machine washable.

Below are the Beard Heads we received and are reviewing… Thank you Beard Head for the cool gifts! They are highly recommended and make the perfect Christmas gift for those picky people on your list!

Thumbs up, very cool thing to buy.