Cerebral Milkshake Show Us Some Love

A blog that goes by the name, “Cerebral Milkshake“, has shown us some love and for that…we do the same in return. And with a tagline of “Weirder than midget porn. More metal than your mom.”, how can you not do so. Personally, I love their blunt, ill-mannered writing style as it is a nice change from the typical word play found on most blogs today.

Cerebral Milkshake did a great job of highlighting their favorite gadgets and geek toys found on Cheaper Than A Shrink in their own special way. Kudos to them for being “not normal” and for realizing an awesome website when they see it!

Please mozy on over and check out their post regarding Cheaper Than A Shrink which can be found here.

Shout out to Banana Stickers!



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