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Cheaper Than A ShrinkCheaper Than A Shrink is proud to announce the launch of our website. Here you will find that we are committed to doing all the leg work for you when it comes to finding and showcasing all the coolest and most unique must haves out there. We take immense pride in bringing these items to your attention in a refreshing and easy fashion which is sure to bring a smile to your face and a euphoric feeling of finding that perfect product. Whether you are looking for a special gift for a friend or need something cool for yourself, you can count on us to supply you with the freshest and newest  toys, trinkets, and electronics available on the Internet.

I personally love online shopping, and I know I am not alone. I don’t know how people functioned before the Internet; it must have felt similar to living like a cave man. With the ability to make purchases online while sitting in in your PJ’s Saturday morning or on your lunch break at work; shopping has been brought to a whole new level. Not only do you not have to leave the house to get what you want and need, but you also are not bogged down by pressure from the annoying sales lady who always seems like she hates her life or took one too many xanax. Also Let’s not forget about the sometimes inconvenient time restrictions of store hours and work schedules, especially for busy working parents. But in my opinion, one of the best perks is that you can do as much research on products before you buy and even check out reviews generally right on the site where you will conveniently be making your purchases.

The fact is that shopping has gone indoors and is found to be  just as exciting, if not more than headed to the crowded, loud, and sometimes unorganized shopping mall.  It is a revolution for individuals in small towns, the Internet  is a thrilling tool for finding items that they may have never even knew existed before and would never be able to find in their hometown. It is also a time saver for busy people the disabled or folks who don’t like crowds. I shop, I am meticulous and find it hard to make important choices or purchases on a whim. Although, that is not to say I don’t buy things on an impulse at times. Online shopping, allows me to take my methodical shopping habit to a new exciting and fulfilling level.

Shopping is very much like therapy.. When I am having a bad day or just realized again that I am actually not dating Ryan Gosling, the best way to bring my spirits up is to buy myself something pretty or cool and let’s face it, shrinks are expensive and medication does more harm than it helps. So please, help us help you, by bringing happiness to your life without the prescription and costly shrink bills!

Below are two examples of my two personal favorites:

Superman Pet Costume

Invisible Floating Bookshelf

Happy Shopping!


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