Cheaper Than A Shrink’s Valentine’s Day Showcase

 The history of Valentine’s Day and the story of its patron saint is shrouded in mystery. But who really cares these days about why we celebrate Valentine’s Day, all that really matters is being pampered and showered with gifts from your loved one… Oh, I mean spending the day with that someone special in your life because they are all the gift you need right?! This day is a festival of romantic love and many people have been known to give the boring old tradition of a card, flowers, chocolates, and candy. Real original. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with giving or receiving the Valentine’s Day gifts that have been given for the past decade, but why not switch it up and spice things up with a unique loving gift for your partner.

Cheaper Than A Shrink has gathered up all our top picks for Valentine’s Day 2013, for men and women because sure homemade gifts are sweet and have a great meaning behind them, but believe that no one wants that crap, not even your mother! Gifts are not what matter in a relationship, but if you are going to spend your money, you should make it a memorable experience.  If you are trying to win the heart of a new crush or trying to win back someone you did dirty a great gift could be the lock that opens the door to a 1st or 2nd chance at love…. As Tay Tay once put it, “We- are never ever ever, getting back together:  Like… ever!” Unless you buy her a wicked awesome V-Day gift that is!

Advice for the men: I know being men, it can be hard to figure out difficult things and one of the main mind boggles for you guys is what in the world to buy your picky girlfriends, wives, etc. on not just Valentines Day, but any holiday involving gift giving.  Some men have the gift giving gift, usually it involves listening and paying attention, thus picking up clues and being in tune with your girl, others… not so much. For those who are clueless, let me give you a hand…

Nocturn-owl Lifestyle LampGimme-Five-Bookends

If she happens to be a bookwork you can not go wrong with the Gimme Me Five Book Ends, or even if she is not a big reader, if she is a college student these will still come in handy and they are really cool…

If your girl is super girly and sweet this Glowing Owl Lamp is such a great git idea. Not only is it just as sweet and adorable as she is, it will also give her nest the glow of a sensational starry sky that adds an amazing and romantic ambiance to any room.

Extra Tip: Never try to understand women, women understand women and that is why most women hate each-other! – Just pretend you understand every once in a while. – You’re welcome.

Boyfriend Body Pillow1

 The Boyfriend Pillow is a funny and useful gift to give the long distant girlfriend, busy girlfriend, or just one for the clingy chicks that claims she can’t sleep without you… Sorry but that is such a lie, it is a fact that most couples get a much more restful night sleep alone. Just Saying! Anyways just spray a little cologne, axe body spray, or whatever it is that you wear Retro Alarm Clockto smell like a man, possibly Sex Panther Cologne (no judgment here) and watch the excitement spread across her gorgeous face when she opens your replacement and her new favorite pillow boyfriend.

Complete the bedroom ambiance with this adorable retro alarm clock that will add an old school retro, but very feminine feel to her room. the colors are so pretty and the alarm is simple beebs that will not drive her crazy in the morning.

Ladies: your boyfriend deserves only the best, that is why he has you right? So be sure to give him something awesome for V-Day that tells him, this chick actually knows me, and is also pretty cool. Trust me, your boyfriend does not want another framed photo of you, or a candle… You should just cut off his balls and buy him a pink thong and matching purse to carry them around in because that is about as excited as he is going to be receiving some lame ass gift, yet again. If you are not dishing out the big bucks and coming through with some Miami Heat Season Tickets, or like a threesome pass, you should just stick to what I am about to recommend. You will be getting him something cool that he will love that shows how much of a man you think he is…

If he likes to workout and stay healthy, but is also into being prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse- here are few gifts he will love… In fact getting him the Zombie Apocalypse Emergency Kit/Gym Bag and throwing in the Zombie gear is an even better idea than just picking one.

The Zombie Apocalypse is a real threat (in the eyes of some men) so be sure he knows you trust him to protect you with the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit. Even if in your heart you know he would use you as a human shield and save himself at the end of the day… Hey, that’s love right?! For more awesome zombie gifts CLICK ME

power napping hatIf your boyfriend or husband has a strange sense of humor, consider something a little potty-putterfun and crazy like one of these hilarious products. If he likes taking naps and playing golf, or gets bored on the john, he will absolutely love these two gifts. The Ostrich Power Napping Hat and The Potty Putter are definitely for men, are totally funny, and trust me- he will use them both.

We have so many more awesome options in our Valentine’s Day Showcase… Make sure you check it out so you can guarantee you get the perfect gift for your sugar face this year!

Fake-Pregnancy-TestBonus gag gift for him:

The fake pregnancy test is perfect for totally freaking your un-exepcting boyfriend out on the most celebrated day of love. If your man is anything like man this would for sure be a great way to get back at him for all the jerky things he has done throughout your relationship. Break the news after your romantic dinner and watch him squirm and sweat… I know not nice, but still the relieve he will feel when you tell him it is a joke will all be worth the little panic he goes through for a few agonizing minutes..

Side note: Using this product to try to trick someone into really thinking you are pregnant in order to stop a breakup, get a guy back, or get him to marry you etc. is not condoned and you need some help if you would consider that.

So show your love this Valentines Day with a unique, adorable, fun, and funny gift from our Cheaper Than A Shrink Cool Things To Buy For Valentine’s Day!






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