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choose to be niceWe like to have a lot of fun here at Cheaper Than A Shrink, especially with the silly, clever, and hilarious products and gadgets we offer… but once in a while something not only unique and awesome- but heartfelt and special comes along that we are not only proud to promote, we are also happy to stand behind the brilliant concept and idea of the product! This is the case with Choose To Be Nice. Dina Creiger is the brainchild behind the movement dedicated to inspiring and encouraging kindness through these gorgeously designed graphic tees and let’s be honest, there can never be too much of that kind of positive message going around!

“When we slow down and recognize what is nice in ourselves we influence others to do the same. Our goal is to build a community of nice people who will share what they do on a daily basis to be nice.” Dina Creiger

In our fast paced world it is so easy to not only overlook others, it is also common to act in a very unkind way when we do not understand something or do not have the patience to try to see someone’s point of view on a matter. From things as small as a fast food worker getting your order wrong, to as large as a disagreement on religion, we all need to remember to be respectful of others and above all show kindness. Kindness is important because it makes people feel good. It is also contagious, when you are kind to others and they feel good, they tend to pay it forward and be kind to someone else.

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”  – Author Unknown

Choose To Be Nice ShirtsTo kick start the movement, Choose To Be Nice has created t-shirts with the Choose To Be Nice logo. T-shirts are high quality and extra soft; made by American Apparel. Ten percent of all sales will go to non-profit organizations whose values align with Choose To Be Nice.

The whole staff absolutely loves these shirts! Not only are they super comfortable and made very well, we have all had the wonderful experience of not only bringing smiles to strangers on the streets while sporting them, we all have also gained much enjoyment spreading such a positive message and happy vibe! People genuinely will stop you on the street to start a conversation regarding these joy spreading graphic tees. So make some new friends and remember to always Choose To Be Nice!

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