Chriskwanzukah Holiday Showcase

Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is a week away, and the gift giving holidays are following very closely behind… If you are like most normal human beings you probably have not even started your holiday shopping yet. Welcome to Earth, full of last minute procrastinators. But never fear because Cheaper Than A Shrink is here and has got your back! We do all the hard work of wading through all the crap that is out there begging to be purchased and hand pick unique, clever, funny, and amazing products just for you. The best part is, you get to take all the credit for finding the perfect gift that will knock the socks off the receiver… You’re welcome.

Holiday Themed Decorations and Gifts

The holidays are a time for fun and should be celebrated with lots of laughs and that is exactly what the following cute and clever products provide… Fist up is the super clever Santa Pants Wine Bottle Holder which also doubles as a gift bag for many other bottle shaped items. Santa lost his pants and it is your responsibility to fill them with something awesome. Anything placed in this twist on the classic wrapping will bring an automatic smile to anyone’s face.

Santa Pants Wine Bottle Gift Bag

let's-have-a-roast-ornamentsanta beard hat

Next I present to you one of the hottest holiday gifts out, the Santa Beard Hat is just as cool and in demand as The Original Beard Hat but just jazzed up holiday style to fit the season festivities of passing along the humor and holiday cheer. And last are the oh so adorable Toasted Marshmallow Ornaments. I have to say these little cuties are my favorite item we have displaced this year, those faces will melt your heart as they dangle on your tree.

Be sure to check out our Chriskwanzukah Season Full Holiday Showcase.

Diana Mini Vintage Camera

For the Ladies

The Diana Mini Vintage Camera

The adorable Diana Mini & Flash produces vintage style photos and is the perfect gift for the photographer in your life, or just for anyone who loves using the filters on Instagram before posting their pics on facebook. The whole look and feel of this mini camera is just too cute but the quality goes above and beyond what you would expect. I absolutely love this camera and am sure any lady in your life would too.

Be sure to also check out are Owl products… Owls are like the Zombie of girl world these days. They are so in and you see these wise little birdies popping up everywhere in fashion and decor. Owl Shower Curtain Rings and Owl Wall Decals.

working guy survival kit

For the Men

Working Guy Survival Kit

Give your man the gift of survival with the Working Guy’s Survival Kit.  Stored in a sleek aluminum are 20 male must have’s to survive the jungles of the office. Your guy will be prepared for anything including being ready to pick you up after work for a romantic dinner date without having to go home to freshen up and keep you waiting. This little kit will save your man time and money and we all know how much men love when life is simple and uncomplicated.

 Doctor Who Tardis Robe

 For the Geek

Doctor Who Tardis Robe

The Doctor Who TARDIS Hooded Blue Cotton Bathrobe is 100% cotton. Featuring a design that makes the garment look almost exactly like a TARDIS time machine…  This robe is just what the Doctor ordered for any addict of the Doctor Who television series. It’s even got a stylish large hood to keep them extra cozy! The Tardis robe is only one of the many Nerdy items we proudly offer for the brilliant brain in your life…

 For The KiddiesItty Bitty Bike

The Itty Bitty Bike
If this came in my size and was road legal I would own one in ever color. Not kidding… The thought process behind this brilliant and adorable design was so well planned that the Bit Bike will for sure we rolling off shelves this year. Not only is this cool, which is the number one attribute we look for when purchasing gifts for those we love. This bike is also Eco-friendly and even teaches your little ones to balance and may even aide in allowing your child to completely skip over the training wheels faze of learning to ride a bike. Talk about smart innovation…. Comes in green, blue, orange, and pink.


So whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or none of the above because you are just a big grouch you will be excited to know that we bring you the coolest gifts for everyone on your list during the holidays and year round…

Happy Holidays!


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