Clever & Unique Halloween Costumes For 2012

Unique Halloween costumes 2012 Halloween is around the corner and Cheaper Than A Shrink is excited to introduce and reveal our Wicked Halloween Costume Showcase for 2012…

We are not your typical Halloween Warehouse so there is no scrolling through endless pages of the same costumes that you have seen for years done over and over.  Here you will only find the coolest and most unique costumes that will no doubt win you any Halloween contest you enter this year. You will also have many admirers praising your fresh brilliance and uniqueness, as well as the haters who may be jealous because their costume is lame and outdated!

Our Halloween Showcase is not full of a bunch of boring and common crap you can get anywhere. We have found the most hilarious, non-typical, and limited selections of costumes for adults, babies, and even the coolest Halloween gear for your 4 legged BFF. We did the leg work for you, now all you have to do is decide what kind of awesome you want to be for Halloween this year…

Below are just a few of the unique costumes Cheaper Than A Shrink has showcased for Halloween 2012


The Magical Baby Unicorn Costume has to be one of the most adorable things I have ever seen!  Your baby’s enchanting personality will definitely shine through in this jumpsuit… There is nothing more precious and adored than a baby, and nothing more interesting and majestic than the mythical unicorn, so when you combine these two this Halloween you have the perfect storm of cuteness overload! Your baby will be the envy of all parents, especially the ones with zero imagination who once again have dressed their daughter as a boring princess or traditional pumpkin which seem to be the go to ideas for baby costume lameness.


This California Girl and her esoteric sense of style knows how to get the party started…  This Katy Perry Pup-A Razzi costume is the perfect way to show your pups inner Katy Perry.  Let your dog join in the Halloween fun with a cute cupcake bikini top, pink heart shaped sunglasses, and the signature blue wig, all pieces have an elastic strap to keep the costume on all night.  Your dog will have a howling good time in this bright and colorful ensemble.

Now as diva-licious as your puppy may be, she should never outshine you. So while your doggy can have all the fun representing a pop princess icon- you can match her, stand out, and be even more original as the mouth watering and adorable Cupcake Queen


Cheaper Than A Shrink has found two costumes this year that are not just epic and hilarious, but you don’t even need a date when rocking these unique show stoppers.


The Double Occupancy and Down for the Count Costumes are both designed to showcase the outcomes most men wish for at the end of a date night anyways… And who knows, for some lucky man, you may find yourself chatting with one of those woman who are down to earth and not repulsed or insulted by your choice of awesomeness… Play your cards right and they might just want to join you and make it a couples costume once the night creeps to an end.

This was just a sneak peak into what Cheaper Than A Shrink has to offer. For the full reveal head on over to our HALLOWEEN section and bring an open mind and sense of humor with you. No bores please!



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