Cool Things For Halloween 2013

halloweenReally Cool Things To Buy For Halloween 2013!

Halloween, my favorite Holiday is right around the corner and it is never to early to start planning your perfect costume and killer party! Although Halloween began as a holiday for individuals who practiced the occult, it has since turned into something completely different. Halloween has really become all about the fun of dressing up and pretending to be someone else for a night.

Children gorge themselves on way too much candy and adults party until the sun comes up…  But the best part of Halloween is finding that perfect costume and decorations for your home. People enjoy flirting with the dark side, spooky characters, and there has always been the tales of dark chaos… Costumes have been included in interpretations of the observation because people love a good scare, especially when we know we are inherently safe as we all have a fascination with the dark side.

Ron Burgundy Costume

In honor of the ghoulish tradition, the staff here at Cheaper Than A Shrink as put together our favorite costumes and props of the year!

First up is the Legendary Ron Burgundy Costume: Although this costume is in no way frightening, it is for sure a killer with the ladies. Anchorman is consistently hilarious and with Will Ferrell’s buffoonish performance of a clueless newsman going off the rails, he has inspired a generation and has turned into one of the most iconic characters of our time.  I guess you could say he is kind of a big deal, and you can be too this Halloween!

rocking moldy mommyNext up we have our favorite decoration/prop to scare the pants off, everyone! This Creepy Rocking Moldy Mommy even mutters from the grave as she rocks her dead baby in an eternal embrace of fright! This is a hauntingly creepy life-size character and has horrifyingly realistic head and hands that look as though they are rotting and covered with mold and fungus, a fabric-wrapped slush baby with moldy feet, tattered moldy dress and shawl…Dog Riders Cowboy Costume

If you have a dog that gets excited about dressing up or at least wont bite you in the face for making them suit up, than this Riders Cowboy Costume is perfect for your pooch! The best part is it fits like a harness so it is actually pretty comfortable and feels normal for your dog instead of some full body costume that is uncomfortable, hot, and will most likely be chewed off within an hour… Oh, also.. this one is funny!

We also wanted to give you an idea of a great couples costume! We have seen things as funny as the couple boob team and as lame as the bacon and egg duo… But our choice combines both scary and sexy, not to mention they are creepy ass clowns! If you know who Captain Spaulding is than you get why this clown costume is not your typical balloon maker! He is the sadistic and horrifying character of Rob Zombie and this Captain Spaulding Costume is sure to be a conversation starter… Coupled with the sexy, yet creepy (depending on how you paint your face) Sexy Clown Costume for her, you two will be the best dressed murderous duo at the party.

On this night of Skeletons and ghosts and ghouls, Grinning goblins fighting duels, Werewolves rising from their tombs, and Witches on their magic brooms… Be sure to look your most hilarious or gruesome and most of all have fun!

We add new costumes every day up until the week of Halloween so check out our full collection HERE!

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