Cool Things To Buy – College Edition

College LifeWhen you are in college and living in a dorm usually you are living on a ramen noodle, pizza, and beer diet and off of Mommy and Daddy… So sprucing up your space needs to come at a reasonable price tag! That is why the brainiacs here at Cheaper Than A Shrink have put together a list of things all college kids should have. They are funny, practical, and unique, so check it out.

Now we realize some of you lucky ones were born with a silver spoon and happen to not be a poor college kid, but try to bring yourself down to earth and simmer your swag for a minute because these products would be cool things to buy for you rich college kids too…

Breast Ice MoldFirst up for the guys we introduce the amazing Female Breasts Ice Luge Mold. Some dudes in college never get to see or touch the real thing so this boob-a-licious mold is perfect for frat parties and when the nerds get together.. Whether you are handy or not, it’s pretty easy to make as long as you follow the instructions. Takes 2 days to make so order it in time. A great bonus is because of the way these are designed you don’t have to prop them up on an angle so there is no worry of it sliding off the table. Is there anything more fun than taking a shot of your favorite liquor out of your favorite woman’s body part?!

queen_of_everything_mugNext up, for the ladies we have the hilarious Queen of Fucking Everything Coffee Mug … Well at least for all the chicks that happen to think they are anyway.  This is a great gift for that bitchy friend, self important girlfriend, or your ungrateful daughter… Or just like nice girls too. Wake up in the morning like a boss while you sip on your coffee from you favorite and fitting mug.

Ladies, never forget to always wear your invisible crown!no diving bath mat

This next product is just freaking funny… It will be even more hilarious when your buddies are over and you have had a few drinks because The No Diving Bath Mat will remind your idiot friends to not do anything stupid, like dive headfirst into a bath tub. Hey some people need life instructions, no matter how obvious the situation seems to most. All jokes aside you need a bathmat so you don’t slip and break you ass, or worse your head. So unless you want to opt for the rubber ducky mat or let your girlfriend bring over a pink one, hook yourself up with the coolest bath mat ever made, this one.

ain't nobody got time for thatIn College Ain’t nobody got time to not have this awesome shirt! The Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That T-Shirt made famous by Sweet Brown’s viral video, the phenomenon has began and we love it! If it would be socially acceptable to have this quote tattooed on my face, it would be there… So the best we can do is wear this shirt proudly and remind everyone before they even ask to help them do something stupid, or remind your professor when they ask why you didn’t turn in your paper, or respond with no words to your boyfriend when he asked why you didn’t call him back last night.. The possibilities and fun are really endless.0.0 I don't run

And last because this is getting kind of long and I know you kids do not like to read I will get right to it. The 0.0 I Don’t Run Sticker is the best way to mock all those bragging braggers who think we care that they ran a marathon or 5K… Make it be known that you are only running to the door when the pizza guy arrives or on a beer run when you run out.

 Help make college years the best time of your life with these cool things to buy!


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