Cool Things To Buy for Father’s Day

Cool Things to Buy for Fathers DayFathers Day is June 16th and we are here to help you find the coolest things to buy that awesome guy in your life who has done so much for you and the one who will continue to be there no matter what! But Father’s Day is not just about Dad. It is the day to celebrate Husbands, Boyfriends, Uncles, Brothers, and friends who happen to be amazing daddies.

A dad is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up, brushes you off, and lets you try again.¬† He is the one who hates to watch you make mistakes but knows he has to let you find your own way, even though his heart breaks in silence when you get hurt. He holds you when you are sad, lectures you when you do wrong, beams with pride when you succeed, and believes in you even when you fail… That’s what being a Dad means and if you know even one great man who fits this description, you are a lucky person!

I wanted share a few cool things to buy these wonderful men, so below are my favorite picks separated in categories… Check out the photo gallery below to view these perfect gift ideas.

Joke Gifts:

Electric Shock Lie Detector is a funny gift for Dad that will remind him of all the headaches and little white lies he always detected when you tried to tell them with a straight face as a young one…The lie detector emits a harmless shock when you are not being truthful, it is a fun and joke gift because we all know we would NEVER lie to our fathers and husbands, except when it comes to how much money we spend shopping… (shhh)

Food Scented Air Fresheners are a great little gift for those on a budget… Men love food and these air fresheners will not disappoint. With scents like bacon, cherry pie, cupcake and more, your dad will think about you every-time his stomach growls in his car.

Relaxation Gifts:

Wireless Floating Sound System is a floating speaker for dad to throw in the pool when he is relaxing on the weekends or for a late night swim once the snot faces are in bed and sleeping with the angels. Dad works hard to take care of the family and makes sure you have everything you need and sometimes almost everything you want, so show that hard working man that he deserves to relax with his favorite jams playing.

Cast Iron Cigar Ashtray Hand is one of my favorite, super cool things to buy men! It is so useful for many different ways such as relaxing on the porch with a cigar or keeping on his dresser for change, keys, wallet and more. It’s an ashtray for the smokers or a classy catchall for the non-smokers. I guarantee men of any age will really appreciate this gift and love that you didn’t opt for another tie or a candle Trust me, I have made that mistake before. Men don’t love candles.

 Knock Back A Few Gifts:

Jager Bomb Shot Glasses Set is a wonderful option for the younger daddies in your life. I am not aware of many mature fathers out there who are still downing Jager Bombs, but hey, whatever floats your boat… Maybe consider this gift for a friend or brother, you also get to personalize with an initial on each glass. Usually these shots are downed at a sports bar by dropping a shot glass in a beer glass and chugging like a frat boy in college. These very unique and gentleman like Jager Bomb shot glasses bring a little class to the act.

Mustache Corkscrew again is a wonderful option for a ramen noodle college student budget… Most men love to relax with his lady with a great glass of wine. But let that man feel like one while popping bottles with a hilarious and masculine stash corkscrew. He will get a good laugh every-time he uses it and will always think of you and your silly sense of humor.

Funny Gifts:

How To Live With a Huge Penis Book Now, this goes without saying but PLEASE recognize that this would not be a traditional Father’s Day gift to your actual father… This book is a great gift for your husband to thank him for his role in your kiddies, or your boyfriend to show him you not only love his kids, you also appreciate him and his family jewels..

Gallon Size Stainless Steel Flask is a funny gag gift that can come in handy if your dad, man, brother etc. needs a lot of liquor for a pre-game… as long as he plans on sharing that is. This gallon flask is funny and will bring a smile to any mans face who enjoys a drink here and there.

Honorable Mention!

Dads Are the Original Hipsters Book I know it is hard to imagine, but Dad was super cool in his day… Bring some nostalgia and humor to his life by reminding him that he was in fact the original hipster and not just a poser like most are today!

Whether you make dad a macaroni picture or choose one of our awesome gifts, the important part of the day is showing him how special he is to you!

Happy Daddy Day to all those who deserve it!



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