Cool Things To Buy For Summer

summer 2013It is officially summer and time to hit the beach and pool as often as we possibly can… Summer is the season of skimpy shorts, lemonade stands, over sized sunglasses, summer love and making lots of fun memories. Most people take a summer vacation to some sun soaked place close to the beach, or some just stay in town and make the best of the summer locally.

Whatever your plans may be Cheaper Than A Shrink as put together a summer showcase of some cool things to buy for the summer to help you make the very best of it with these must have pool/beach accessories and games!

Floating Multi Gameboard

Floating Game Board – The pool is fun on it’s own, but when you literally throw in a floating game board, the pool becomes fun overload… Specially designed to float, this magnetic game board is reversible for play in or beside the pool! In the mood for chess, checkers, or backgammon? Play any of the three. Comes complete with play pieces, a pair of dice and a doubling cube.

Four Person Beach MatThe Four Person Beach Mat – Sand is part of the beach, but that does not mean we want it clinging to our bodies while we try to relax in the sun… If you have small children who have not learned the proper beach etiquette of trying to keep the beach blanket sand free, or you yourself find this a taxing task for yourself, this beach mat will not only fit the whole family, it is waterproof, sand and dirt resistant and you will not need to throw your shoes in each corner to keep it from flying away.Bubble Ring Blaster

The Bubble Ring Blaster -The kids will have so much fun with the bubble blaster! This colorful submersible toy looks simple, but it’s scientifically advanced! Just take it underwater and squeeze the handles to produce up to 20 amazing bubble rings before you have to surface. Make up your own games and see whose bubbles can go the farthest! Kids and adults will have hours of fun in the pool with the Bubble Ring Blaster.

Log FlumeLog Flume – Not only is this fun for the kids, it is also funny to watch any inebriated adults try to stay on an inflated log and smack people around with the batons. It will end up being for entertaining all around! The Log Flume is also made well and very durable. Someone is getting dunked…

These cool things to buy for summer will add to the fun!


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