Cool Things To Buy Men

Sometimes it can be difficult to find that perfect gift for the men in your life because some men are pickier than women when it comes to presents and what they like! It feels good to give a gift that the recipient not only will use, but that they actually love… So Cheaper Than A Shrink has your back and have brought to you the coolest things to buy for men.


Your Boyfriend:

The Wenger 16999 Giant Swiss Army Knife is by far one of the coolest pocket knives out there, it basically does everything any man would ever need when it comes to doing manly things with sharp objects… You know how guys are, even a man who technically does not need something so extravagant I guarantee will feel like the king of the world with this tool of tools in their hand. It comes with 87 implements and 141 Functions…. This Down The Hatch Nautical Anchor Flaskscreams “You are my amazing man” when given as a gift. He will love it and might even hang that picture or fix the leaking sink that he has been promising to do for weeks.

Also The Down The Hatch Nautical Anchor Flask is the perfect gift for the guy who likes to have a drink or two at a sports event, concert, the ballet you dragged him too etc. but does not want to pay the $15 per drink because he is saving to buy you that beautiful engagement ring, or he is just a tight wad… Either way, he will love this cool flask and his friends will think you are pretty awesome too as they will all benefit from this cool gift.

Your Husband:

Any of the above gifts would also be appropriate for the hubby, and  I know I have talked about The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit before, but if this is not cool, I don’t know what is…  It is basically knives in a cool carrying pouch. Men love weapons like women love shiny things. This kit will be loved by even grown men because let’s be real, your husband already has a Zombie Apocalypse blueprint and has a game plan in his head to protect you and his family, so add to the game planThe Potato Gun Cannon with this kit of awesome. Includes 7 sweet weapons of walking dead doom.

Because I am sure the husband is always getting something relating to being a dad or something practical yet not necessary fun, maybe surprise him and give him the gift of laughter and a little excitement with The Carpet Skates or The Potato Gun Cannon. These are two gifts that will knock his socks off and confirm that even though he has responsibilities, he is still a big kid at heart and you encourage the silly and fun side of him to enjoy himself from time to time


Your Father:

power napping hat

The Ostrich Power Napping Hat, because let’s be real… Old people love naps and now pops can take one just about anywhere without the annoying hassle of dealing with light and noise from the world going on around him. Perfect for a quick snooze while shopping with the Mrs. Dad can simply find a bench in the mall and take a quick power nap while the wife spends all their hard earned social security money on more shoes.  It even comes equipped with holes for your hands for extra warmth and comfort. All jokes aside, the napping hat is not only ridiculously hilarious, it also functional and pretty convenient. It doubles as a head and neck Protection Pillow and I could think of a million places  I would Manhattan Travel Bar Setuse it and trust me, Dad will too.

There is just something about Manhattans that screams the good old days. I am sure every adult between the age of 25-40 has seen their father order a Manhattan so give Dad the gift of nostalgia and feeling numbing alcohol by gifting him The Manhattan Traveling Bar Set. Your old man can be the life of the party when he walks in with his suitcase full of spirits. It is also a great addition to bring on a picnic with your mom, just make sure your parents have a designated driver to get them home.

Men love this stuff and all of these items are really cool things to buy for the guys in your life!


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