Cool Things To Buy The Women In Your Life

Need the perfect gift? Below are some of the cool thing to buy for those particular ladies in your life. Birthdays, holidays, or just because… We got you covered.

Your Girlfriend or Mistress (how dare you):Mustache Cloth Hangers

Because these three products are basically all home related and are things that will benefit you such as doing your laundry and hanging up your clothes on some sweet yest sophisticated Mustache Hangers. These are so cute and will make your closet feel very classy. Also she will love them because not only are they mustache shaped, the handlebars provides a better hold for our tank tops and dresses than the traditional hangers that everything always see to slide off of.

Diamong ring gold measuring spoonsShe will feel special as she measures the spices using her Diamond Ring Measuring Spoons and will think the real ring may be down the road soon… Giving her a set of diamond ring measuring spoons says, sure I love you and can possibly see you as my wife, but let’s work on those cooking skills and really get you up to my moms skill level before we get crazy and talk about real diamonds. Nothing says love like conditions.

So Flippin Hot Mirror Spatula

Following suit with the cooking theme, she can gaze at herself while she flips the chicken she is cooking for you with her So Flipping Hot Mirror Spatula.  Looking good and cooking for you is definitely a plus. Just make sure she does not burn the chicken being too busy staring at herself. The best part of all of these gifts is she will not even think to be offended because these gifts are masked as being adorable girly things and you are prepping her for the role of wifey! win-win


Your Wife or Fiance:

Retro Alarm Clock

The Retro Alarm Clock is simply adorable and functional. It is not super girly so the design is cool for the bedroom. It is very old school and brings back nostalgia of maybe when you two first started dating back before smart phones and when the excuse my alarm clock didn’t go off was still an acceptable reason to be late. (the good old days).

DC Comics Batgirl Cami & Panty Set

We all know that being married can mean the passion and fun can seep out at times, and bedroom activities can seem routine and forced, so spice it up a little and do some role play with DC Comics Bat-girl Sexy Pajamas. They are comfortable so she will not feel like a dirty girl, yet they are sexy enough for you to feel like she is a dirty batgirl! If you are a batman freak, this gift is really more for you then the wife.

Envy Pool Stool LEDIf you have a fancy backyard space with a pool then the LED Pool Stools will make a splash of a gift and you will benefit from these awesome inventions as well. Swimming is tiring, so take a seat and relax with a ‘Pina Colada, or Corona… Whatever it is you kids are into these days.


Your Mother or Mother-In-Law:

Accoutrements Public Toilet Survival KitI don’t now if your mother is as narcotic as mine about cleanliness and bathrooms, but if she is, she will appreciate and use The Public Toilet Survival Kit. Bathrooms are disgusting and public bathrooms are beyond filthy so heed mom’s advice; squat, flush with your foot, touch as close to nothing as possible, wash your hands, and use paper towel or your foot to exit the bathroom. While you are at it, buy yourself one too.


The Indoor Glow-Asis Lamp is really beautiful and something that looks like it could be from the hippie era which makes it a perfect mom gift. The best part is all though it looks vintage, it also has a twist of modern flare to it so it will fit right in to any decor.Sequoia Wine Display

If you have put your mother through half of the stuff my sister and I put ours through growing up then she probably needs one of these! The Sequoia Wine Display is the coolest wine rack I have seen around and holds enough for your mother to forget all the reasons you made her prematurely go grey.



Your Sister or BFF:

My sister is the older one and always was convinced she was a bit of a bad-ass, still having the Mace Pepper Spray Gun in pink would make me feel better when she was out and about turning heads and causing chaos. This gift is really a great one for all the women in your life you care about.  It says yes I am a girl, and yes I will burn your face off if you touch me.

Outdoor Movie Theatre ScreenThe Portable Outdoor Movie Theater Screen is a really cool thing to buy for your sis, especially if she has kids. You can have movie nights outside when the weather is beautiful. Sleepovers just became so much easier and the mess stays outside. Movie screenings of her and your favorite movies that just came out on DVD can now be a regular thing! Who is ready for a Twilight Marathon outside?!…

Retro Mustache Travel Yoga Mat is a cool way to motivate her to get fit… Anything mustache related is going to be loved by most people, even if it is a yoga mat! Throw in a monthly prescription to Bikram Yoga and join her to sweat out all the toxins you put into your body on a daily basis. The gift of health never looked so good.

Trust us, nobody wants another crappy shirt or figurine that they only put out when you’re coming over. Gift cards are so impersonal and usually do not convey “hey, I know you and thought you would love this”.  At Cheaper Than A Shrink, the opportunities are endless and we add new products every day!

Stay tuned for our upcoming “Cool Things To Buy For the Men In Your life”


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