Cool Things To Drink With

Drinking (in responsible amounts and being 21 and older) can be fun and all, but sometimes we’ve gotta amp up the interesting factor and since we have posted quite a few awesome alcohol related items lately we wanted to do a review on these items and share with you why they really are cool things to buy. Perfect for parties, having a get together, or just in general. Whether you are a professional, living the dorm life, a bachelor, or still living with the parents… These below products will make you laugh, will come in handy, and will be a great conversation piece!

The Get Trashed Shot Glasses


After throwing back one too many shots, your chances of ending up in a trash can, or at least your head in one, is pretty high, so don’t you think you might as well start the night where it could also end?

Shot glasses and beer mugs come a dime a dozen and they come in all different designs, shapes, colors, and gimmicks… But our first awesome product is properly names “Get Trashed Shot Glasses” and they are in the shape of trash cans. These are for sure  more unique and fun than any old boring shot glass I have seen.

The ceramic cups come in a set of 3, so you can get sloshed from whatever style trash can your inner lush desires. Aluminum can-style glass with that vodka? What about a rolly trash bin version for scotch?

The Hello My Name Is Napkin

Hello My Name Is Napkins

The Hello My Name Is Napkin is so clever and can be used in multiple ways. Not only are they a great ice breaker at a bar or party for passing on to a cute girl with your name and number written on it… you can also use them to keep track of your drink in a crowd. How many times have you said “is this my drink” yea, happens all the time.

The best part is you don’t have to feel like Creeper Mc-Creepertin when trying to hit on or pick up chicks because more than likely, if she has a good sense of humor, she will find this approach funny, smooth, and so much cooler than the old “come here often”, “facebook me” or handing over a  business card.

The Hopside Down Beer Mug  Hopside Down Beer Glass

These beer mugs are awesome not only because they look super cool, they also keep your beer cold and your hands warm! The perfect storm of beer drinking… There is nothing better than a cool conversation price in your hand to start a convo with a cute member of the opposite sex, and the fact that there is ice cold beer inside this convo piece just adds to the level of awesome…

The glass is very unique and clever and being that it is still a beer bottle, men can still fell manly about drinking a beer out of a glass. koozies are so 90’s!

Chalkboard Slate Coasters

 The Chalkboard Slate Coasters

These nifty little coasters serve the same person as the napkins above, only you wont have the convenience of slepping these to the bars and clubs. These are more sophisticate and only for home use… The chalkboard coasters are great for once again keeping track of your drink and you can even get creative with them and if you get bored play a game of tick-tack-toe.

Label each coaster with a name, making this set a must-have for entertaining and protect your tables in a new, inventive way.

Always drink resposibly and in the coolest way possible!
You’re welcome…

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