Corn Shaver Review

corn shaver The corn shaver is a dream come true for so many including the elderly, small children, brace face teenagers or adults, and basically anyone else who does not love the whole complicated process of trying to enjoy a delicious corn on the cob. Instead of turning to not so fresh, stored in water and salt, canned corn, Cheaper Than A Shrink has found you a kick ass solution, and just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, where corn on the cob is a loved staple in American feasts!

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This nifty little gadget is pretty much mess free while it strips down and holds two ears of corn in two simple swipes. I have seen and actually bought corn shavers in the past that literally looked like a razor a man would use to shave his face. They were messy and even more complicated than just dealing with the juices running down your arms when you bit into the corn vs. dealing with the juices running down your arm and being left with squashed up and mangled corn in the end.

This product simply removes kernels from the cob in one quick motion. Corn shedding has come a long way and I have to say I was pleasantry surprised and amazed buy this little shaver/container for sharing the golden kernels with the whole family, braces dentures, or even toothless grandpa…

Easy, convenient, and practical.

Some people have had issues with corn sizes, corn of all sizes should work without any problem. You just have to make sure to start at the small end.
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