Apple iPad 3 Giveaway

Cheaper Than A Shrink Announces Our First Gadget Giveaway!!

Who doesn’t love free stuff, but unfortunately how often is that free stuff pretty crappy things you will never use? Like an ill fitting t-shirt with some companies name on it that you totally do not care about or a Frisbee that you might use once, then it will rest in your closet for years. You see where I am going with this! Well, Cheaper Than A Shrink thinks our contests and giveaways should match up with the awesomeness of the products we showcase, so no silly mouse pads or logo pen promotions here!

We greatly value our visitors and will be showing you just how important you are to us by having these frequent giveaways for items that are at the top of everyone’s WANT list. We are all about promoting really cool products, love giving back and enjoy sending out positive vibes. So this month our lucky winner will receive a brand spanking new Apple iPad 3!

So how do you win?

Find out how to enter on our official Ipad 3 giveaway page! Please keep in mind that all entries will be checked for accuracy to make sure there are no shady shenanigans going on and to keep our contest 100% legit and fair. If you have any questions we are here to help via our Contact page.

There is absolutely no purchase necessary to be our winner, but those of you who have previously purchased one of our awesome products from Cheaper Than A Shrink get a little boost. So be sure to follow all instructions completely so you don’t miss out on increasing your chance to be our big winner…

Once you enter you will be that much closer to fulfilling your dream of having long meaningful conversations with Siri, Facetiming with your long distance BFF and/or playing Words with Friends on a screen that you do not need a microscope to kick your opponents booty on. Whatever it is you plan on doing with your iPad, I can guarantee if you are our lucky winner, you will absolutely love it! Also don’t be surprised if your significant other even gets a little jealous and starts referring to your new favorite gadget as your “wife or husband” it’s a natural reaction, so share the wealth and allow them a little iPad play time to elevate the jealousy…

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Good Luck!


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