Darth Vader Lamp Review

Add a little light to the night with the help of the Sith Lord Darth Vader! The Galactic Empire’s most powerful warrior is now available as a decorative night light lamp that is perfect for a bachelor pad or the kids room. This excellent Star Wars Darth Vader Character Lamp is a great item for any fan of the Star Wars series. Not only does it double as an alarm with clock display, there are a few more added bonuses. Combining an LED digital clock, alarm, MP3 dock, and a source of light- this evil little lamp is loaded with features that make it well worth the price.

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To be clear, this lamp is definitely more of a cool toy/gadget for a child or adult to display as a Star Wars Fan. The functionality is better described to be a bright night light or mood lighting, rather than a full room brightener, so if you are looking for a desk lamp for working, or plan to light up your whole room with this Darth Vader Lamp, you will be sadly disappointed. On another note the light emitted from the clock, not the bulb, practically lights up the room in the dark at night. If you are buying this item as a night light/clock display than you will be happy with the results and the kids will find triple use for the Darth Vader Lamp as a toy, clock, and night light to keep the real Sith lords away!

The Darth Vader Lamp is also a great way to add a little sense of grown-up independence and responsibility to the little ones. They can set the alarm and wake up like big girls and boys without Mommy or Daddy needing to shake them out of their coma in the morning. Starting them young by giving them the opportunity, in a cool way to do something awesome like set the alarm on the coolest lamp/clock ever will motivate them to want to be more responsible.

The extra bonus of having a really cool looking lamp, MP3 player, clock/alarm that can also be used as a great night light; the Darth Vader Lamp is well worth the cost.

The fact that the lamp is not very bright and this item is more of a toy for a kid rather than a room brightener is really the only con I found.
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  • Good post. It may serve more as a decorative display than an actual night lamp. Thanks for the post.

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