Doodle Bed Sheets Review

doodle bed sheetsThis is so cute. You can doodle, draw, write a novel, or leave messages for a sleeping child on the duvet covers, then just wash them and start fresh with a clean canvas.

I would have absolutely loved this when I was young, as kids we tend to draw on everything and I was always doodling anywhere I could.  How awesome would it have been for your mother to tell you it was okay to actually draw on your bed?  Pretty awesome I know… The Doodle Duvet is a great gift idea for any child or teenager in your life.

Think of all of the possibilities. This is an awesome idea for a picnic or the beach instead of laying on a towel, just spread out the Doodle Duvet and keep the kids occupied. At a slumber party your child and his/her friends can play games like hangman and tic-tac-toe on it, or simply have fun and draw whatever comes to their creative little minds. College students never have to be bored with their comforter, they can change and personalize it as often as they want…

With the Doodle Duvet your kids, teenagers, or husband have full permission to go crazy doodling on something you wont go nuts over, like the walls, or your dinner table.

It is marketed towards children, but I know plenty of artistic adults, along with myself, would love to put our own designs on something like this, but for the time being the Doodle Duvet can only fit on a twin bed-sized duvet, as it only comes in one size.

Doodle Duvet lets you express yourself!


  • Duvet shaped like a lined paper
  • 8 washable markers

The Doodle Duvet has endless possibilities for the little ones to explore their imagination and it is a really cute and clever idea.

The Doodle Duvet would be even more awesome if it came in more sizes.


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