Egraphs Unique Holiday Gift Idea

Egraphs Gift IdeasAttention Baseball Fans!!

Cheaper Than A Shrink has stumbled upon the perfect gift for the Baseball lover in your life… The egraph is so different and unique, it is also personalized directly from your favorite player and will always be 100% authentic and one of a kind!

The new revolution of sports memorabilia has arrived and is cooler than you probably ever imagined it could be. Introducing the personalized Egraph…  So what is it exactly and what makes it so cool you ask? The egraph is a total spin on the classic autographed baseball card or picture, it is an actual voice response and special moment between you and your favorite player. You will receive an awesome high resolution photograph of your favorite player which includes an authentic handwritten note, signature, a real personalized voice message in his actual voice.

So how does this all work?

The people over at Egraphs personally meet up with each player to create the biometric fingerprint which they explain is a two-factor identification of their voice and signature profile. This way the authentication of your chosen star is verified and guaranteed that when your order is completed, it is completed 100% by the player himself! This idea is so important and really shows the loyalty Egraphs had to their customers and fans of the stars.

Why and How they create the biometric fingerprint:

The stars are creating these egraph messages and signatures from all over the world so the authentication process is put in place to safeguard the customers and confirm they are paying for and receiving 100% authentic personalized memorabilia that is absolutely one of a kind.

The voiceprint:  An audio sample is collected from all players and with their technology pitch, tone, and other factors associated with voice patterns are turned into “mathematical representations and statistical models”. Then these electronic voice verifications are saved for authentication purposes and used for all ordered.

Written signature profile:  Just like the voiceprint, a sample of the players signature is collected and that very helpful technology comes into play again to measure speed, rhythm, etc. and then stored as algorithms to use in authentication for future orders.

Once the egraph has passed the authentication process you will receive an email directly from a player with a link to your specialized moment. Below are all the other cool things you can do with your egraph.

  1. Check out the egraph in the digital gallery, the image, written message, and audio recording.  Plus, you can view the authenticity details from when the egraph was created.
  2. Share it with friends and family via your favorite social network. You can even tweet it back to the star and see what their reaction is. You never know what they’ll say and do.
  3. Purchase a high quality framed print of your egraph with the certificate of authenticity. Your framed egraph will contain a high quality print, certificate of authenticity, and custom cut mat inside of a 10” X 14” frame.

In review you will receive a one of a kind personalized photograph, an audio recording from your star, a personalized message, hand-written signature from your star, and authenticity information. The best part is the price, I am sure you are thinking something like this would be super expensive but is is actually very reasonably priced so go check them out.

This is the perfect gift for all the men in your life! unique gift idea

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