Flying Wish Paper Review

Flying Wish Paper KitsCool Things To Buy

 I absolutely love this product… It is by far one of the coolest things to buy out there. I was very excited to try out the Flying Wish Paper for myself to see if it actually works because the premise was amazing yet I was reluctant to believe it actually worked the way it was advertised. Well guess what? Many things in life are disappointing, but this little package of awesome is not one of them. Now whether or not your wish or whatever you want to let go of actually pays of is basically all in your head, let’s be real- The Secret and putting stuff out into the universe to obtain what you want is all wacky and fun to believe but life is what you make it.

The idea of the Flying Wish Paper is to write down a wish on the magical flying paper sheet and then place it on the special base paper and light it up. I was in awe, and a little scared that I was about to burn my house down once the paper lit on fire and the flame grew… Then, like magic the flaming paper with my wish written on it began to lift into the air and fly to the ceiling. Again I was in awe and wish I had a picture of my face at the time because I am sure it was priceless. I was all like “no way” and my mouth dropped open as I watched the spectacle and mesmerizing experience that was pretty nostalgic, fun, and for lack of a better words really hot.

The set includes everything you need to set your house on fire spark up an idea, wish, or letting go of something… Included is a pack of pencils, matches, flying paper, and base paper. Also the designs are totally adorbs! It really does fly and it really is a cool thing to buy.

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