For Meetings App Review

for meeting appWe have been asked to be a brand ambassador for the new app For Meetings by Imperative Software Pty Ltd. For the past week, we have switched from our usual go to software to see if the For Meeting app is up to par and able to keep us organized and running smoothly on our day to day agendas. The most important part of maintaining productive office efficiency is keeping the whole team prepared and staying on the same page at all times, everyone on point is key.

So after the staff downloaded the app and we all took a few minutes to feel our way around to get acquainted, I asked for an overall census thus far. The collected opinion was that For Meetings, when ran for the first time seems a little overwhelming at first due to the amount of tools you initially must familiarize yourself with, but once you get the hang of it you quickly see how this app definitely puts a fresh spin and clear approach for iPad users on all things organizational; editing meeting notes, agenda items etc. with the portability of an app!

As all good business minded individuals know, a well-organized meeting starts with a comprehensive agenda and ends with a set of detailed notes completing the process. The layout was built to handle some serious business. All the tools you need to keep things flowing are at your fingertips while the app remains user-friendly and easy to navigate, after some trial and error of course. This comes as a big bonus when you are in the type of business where meetings change, notes need to be added, location changes happen quite frequently and so on.

With for Meetings you can easily keep track of all your meeting agendas, attendees, and decision making processes. This is a free app compatible with Apple devices including the iPad and iPhone. Just make sure you have 7.6 MB of space on your iOS device prior to downloading. Enjoy!

You can download the app from here For more information feel free to visit their website

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