Want More Social Media Fans!?

Cheaper Than A Shrink Social Media FreebieI recently met someone at a networking event that is a social media promoter. In a nutshell, he helps businesses and others that own personal pages attain a larger audience. For example, he can provide Facebook fans, likes and shares, Twitter followers, Pinterest re-pins and followers, Instagram followers, StumbleUpon followers and YouTube likes, views and subscribers. This is a great way to kick start a new business, increase your reach and promote an product, event, etc. He has agreed to provide 100 FREE followers, fans, views, likes,etc (depending on which social network you are referring to) to anyone that emails him and mentions Cheaper Than A Shrink with the purchase of any package.

His prices are dirt cheap! I sent a friend to him who got 200 real Facebook fans for only $5! He can also target the followers by country. For example, if you only want people from Canada, he can do so. I believe he can also get you traffic to your website as well. Ask him about it.

If this appeals to any of you, you can email him here. His name is Marcos. Thought I would share this with you guys…

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