Girly Cool Things To Buy

pretty girl

Sugar and Spice.. That’s what little girls are supposed to be. Then we grow up and turn into beautiful women. Most of us anyway… Our lives can be tough because we try to take on the world and take care of everyone while forgetting to take care of ourselves at times.. We are selfless and strong, loving and motherly. We can also be scary and vengeful when someone we love is in harm or hurt. We are daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, girlfriends, and friends…

But Mostly we are just AWESOME!

Being a women we have the benefit of being able to hook our living space up with the cutest and coolest things we can find… Men have to stick to macho crap, even though deep down they know they want an owl salt & pepper shakers set! Why do you think men love once they move in with a woman? She brings femininity and happiness to a usually solemn barracks look, and non of his friends can call him names for it. I have recently moved into my apartment and wanted to send a special shot out to all the cool things to buy that I have hooked my space up with. So without further ado, I give to you the….

Cool Things To Buy – Girly Edition

Hoots Hungry Shaker SetThe Hoots Hungry Salt & Pepper Shaker Set is adorable for many reasons… First, they are owls. Owls are so in right now! Owls symbolize wisdom, intelligence, brilliance, perspective, intuition, quick-wit, independence, protection, mystery, and  power… Wait, are we talking about me, or owls?? All jokes aside, women carry many of these characteristics and besides the symbolism behind the beautiful creatures, they are just really cute to have around the house.colorful popsicle spatula

The Colorful Popsicle Spatula comes in handy for not only cooking and beating your boyfriend with… It is also very colorful and brings a lot of fun to your kitchen. These spatulas are way too cute to be stuffed in a drawer. Place them in a fancy utensil holder and enjoy them every time you walk in your kitchen. They come in vibrant orange, hot pink, and one of the prettiest blues I have seen. I really love these spatulas and they are not just very cute, they are functional and good quality as well.

Glowing Owl Lamp

By far my favorite thing in my apartment is The Glowing Owl Lamp, above my flatscreen HD TV and my plethora of Micheal Kors Bags…  This owl comes first! The look, feel, and ambiance it creates in any room is so lovely. And I don’t even use the word lovely… There really is no other way to describe how beautiful this lamp is on it’s own when it is not turned on, then you light it up and turn off the lights in the room and bam, you have an adorable glowing owl illuminating a beautiful design on the surrounding walls. This is awesome for any room. It is romantic and soothing so would also be pretty cool in a nursery or toddlers room. Just place it high enough where they can’t reach it to break it.

soak and straining bowl

Mamma didn’t raise no fool and if you aren’t one either you know how important it is to wash and double wash.. sometimes triple wash your fruits and veggies before allowing them into the sacred vessel that is your body… I love my Colorful Wash and Soak Bowl and I use it everyday. This one may not be all cutesy and girly, but it is a necessity!

I see a pattern forming here, 3 out of 4 products so far are kitchen related… As men would like to say “get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich” and to that we move on to our next cool thing to buy!

pink-pepper-spray-gunI live alone and I don’t have a big scary dog… yet. When I get my Pomeranian I am sure I will feel a little bit better, but in order to keep me and the little pip squeak safe, I went with The Pink Pepper Spray Mace Gun because it makes me feel protected and a little freaked out that I will spray it by accident in my own vicinity and then choke while the burglar steals my Glowing Owl Lamp! The humanity…

Not only will it keep you safe, if you use it properly… It is PINK!

Random Crap Tote Bag

Last I give you the amazing Random Crap Tote Bag, because seriously how much of the random crap in our bags do we really need on a daily basis when we insist on bringing it all with us everywhere we go? I will tell you how much of it we need… ALL OF IT. Yes, I might need my curling iron and extra pair of socks. What if it rains and my hair gets flat and my feet get soaked? Of course I need a book and an extra set of clothes… What if I am bored on the train and do not want to go home first to change before meeting friends… Yes I need a plethora of snacks… Your ass will thank me when we are stuck in an elevator and starving.

So there you have it! My apartment goodies most recent shopping list! I hope I have inspired you to not only learn how to use mace, but to also take a moment for yourself and hook up your space with some really cool things to buy, girly style!



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