Glass Ornaments and How to Take Care of Them

Glass ornaments are one of the most popular collectibles around the world today and many people pass these ornaments on to family and loved ones for centuries to come. However, proper care of these precious glass ornaments to ensure they last to be passed on through the ages. There are many ways to care for crystal ornaments and decorative glass and they are listed below.

One of the most dangerous things associated with an aging glass ornament is condensation. This can occur when temperatures and humidity fluctuate during storage. This can be extremely dangerous for these valuable ornaments because it will leave age spots on the glass. This occurs when water from the air condenses inside and outside the surface of the ornament when it evaporates. Due to this naturally occurring issue, age spots will appear. This can cause interior flaking of the ornament and even exterior paint damage. There are a couple of ways to prevent this from happening, one of which is by controlling the humidity in the area where you are storing the glass ornaments. A humidifier can work wonders in a storage area and can prevent aging and condensation. Also, you can also put coffee grounds or packs of silica in your storage boxes and this will absorb the excess humidity.

One of the most common problems associated with glass ornaments is with handling them properly. If the crystal ornaments or decorative glass ornaments are stored in a way that they are touching, they can easily crack or break by rubbing together. The best way to store these ornaments is in an acid free storage box. These boxes are divided and do not allow these precious ornaments to touch, and also being acid-free will help with humidity levels. However, be warned that if the paper in these boxes gets wet, it will stick, and possibly damage the ornaments. If an acid-free box is not available, carefully wrap each individual ornament in tissue or toilet paper so they cannot rub together or touch while being stored. Also, while storing and transporting the storage boxes, be sure not to stack them too heavy or drop the boxes.

Crystal ornaments and decorative glass ornaments are heirlooms to many families but in order to preserve and protect these ornaments, it is extremely important to know how to take care of them. By following the steps above, your glass ornaments will stay protected and beautiful for years to come.

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