Handheld Air Conditioner

The Handy Cooler is a revolutionary evaporative cooling fan! Use it outdoors or keep it indoors as a desk fan. Provides a gentle, steady cool breeze. Uses evaporative cooling technology so just add water to soak the cooling filter and you are good to go. Works best in dry and hot climates. Fully portable and mobile

Product Features:

The original patent-pending hand held cooling fan.

As featured in the Technology Review magazine (M.I.T.) in 2010.

Small fan cools air up to 30F. *best used in hot and dry environments. Humidifies air and alleviates allergies.

Runs on 4x batteries or USB power (adapter included).

Cooling fan assembly utilizes a 30db whisper-soft turbine system.

Best for hot flashes. Flat bottom surfaces allows easy transformation from a hand held fan to a desk fan.

There are a bunch of knockoffs on the market that do not operate at near the same level as the Handy Cooler. Just an FYI.

Be aware of knockoffs.
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