Invisible Floating Bookshelf Product Review

What is cooler than a stack of books clinging to the wall with nothing visually to support them? These shelves work like magic with a very clever design which makes a clean and sharp look for any room!  So put down Fifty Shades of Gray ladies and check out how you can proudly display your desperation and why Cheaper Than A Shrink is raving over the Invisible Floating Bookshelf .

Product Description:

The 5.5″L x 7″W powder-coated steel unit invisibly grips the cover of a single book with the maximum book depth of 10″, which in turn serves as the base for stacking up to 20 pounds of reading material. Please keep your self help books under your bed or in the closet where they belong. These shelves were made for cool reads or easy access to school books!

Cheaper Than A Shrink Gadget Review:

This must have Bookworm Decor  is ridiculously easy to install, it’s simply a metal L plate and two screws so even women can do it.  The trick is the bottom of the L has a curve that hugs the book on the bottom of the pile so you can’t even see the plate from underneath! The books just float on the wall. I fell in love the moment I put it up and plan on buying more. They are pretty much the ultimate solution when you’re strapped for space but need to keep your reading material easily accessible.  Absolutely perfect for college dorms, kids rooms, man caves or just really for anyone who loves to read but has little shelving space. You can even add these in bathroom to supply a variety of reading material while handling business.  My books look as if they are just suspended on the wall and I have always wanted a shelf that would showcase the books, not the shelf, that is exactly what this product does. It does not matter whether you have a mix of hardcover and paperback, this will still look fresh anywhere you hang them. Cheaper Than A Shrink Approved, that really is all that matters.

The one negative we found with this product was the possibility of walking into your friends house to see her book shelf display of “Men Who Suck Toes and the Women Who Love Them” or “Learn to Eat Salads, Not Your Feelings” So keep it kosher people.

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