Is Contract Screen Printing Right For You?

If you have heard about the benefits of contract screen printing and how it can help your business grow you first have to understand what it is and how it works. Contract screen printing is a highly competitive and demanding task of taking on orders just for printing services. These type of customers provide garments – and often times the artwork as well – unlike that of custom printing where the contract decorators usually provide them.


With tight deadlines and a high stress work environment, the success of your business will depend on only a small number of customers. Sound like something you can handle? Then contract screen printing may be a good option for you. In the long run it keeps business running continuously and keeps profits high but it is not easy. It has it’s pros and cons and you have to be prepared to deal with them should you choose to go this route with your business.


The Benefits

Contract screen printing obviously has its challenges. You will be working with fewer customers but your machines will never stop running. There will be no sales staff to deal with, no inventory, no artists, and really large orders. Your customers will have a broad knowledge base and will provide you with the garments and usually artwork too. So in essence the times when you would not normally have work, screen printing Dallas will bridge that gap and you will continue to turn a profit.


The Challenges

Contract printers usually make less per order in comparison to custom decorators. There are some other things to consider as well:


  • Deadlines – A critical part of contract printing.
  • Equipment – With contract orders being in the thousands, there is no way you can use a manual press.
  • Communication – Problems in communication can result in issues with custom work.
  • Finishing – Many contract orders revolve around retail areas and customers expect these finishing services (such as tagging, folding, and bar-coded boxes) to be offered along with their order.
  • Checking Goods – The process of receiving and managing each customer’s goods.


Don’t Always Say Yes

With a smaller customer base, some customers may want to order you around to get their needs met more quickly. This might be something like a customer telling you to buy a equipment only for them in order to process their order more quickly. Be firm and don’t be afraid to tell the customer ‘no’. It’s best to seek out clients in a variety of areas and not just one. Also remember that each area has its own peak season.


Take Your Time

Should you decide to begin contract screen printing, it’s important to not overwhelm yourself with too much at once. Orders may grow too large and deadlines may become too much to meet as scheduled. Acquire larger orders slowly that way you can balance out your shop better. Having consistent work is always better than not having any. So if you are searching for a way to make your business grow, contract screen printing is definitely the solution just don’t take on too much too soon and you will quickly begin to see the benefits.

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