Jamboo Headphones Review

Jamboo Headphone Review Our friends over at Jamboo sent us a pair of their bamboo-made headphones and here is what we have to say about them!

When the headphones arrived the first thing I noticed was that they came with a custom designed little leash that allows you to easily store and show-off your Jamboo headphones, even when you’re not using them. This is super convenient if you are anything like me, this will help keep them from getting lost… Hang them on your purse, yoga/gym bag, belt loop… Wherever you want for easy accessibility!

The headphones are made and styled with threaded wire that makes them tangle-free and really fashionable, but these headphones do not just look good, they sound awesome! The sound, in Cheaper Than A Shrinks opinion is comparable to all the top/expensive headphones on the market, the staff members, as well as myself all came to the conclusion that the ever so popular Beats were pretty comparable in quality, and at a fraction of the cost, $29.99!

The headphones are available in different styles that are made around a specific nature theme: Rasta (black/green/yellow/red), Night Sky (black/grey), Sound Wave (blue shades/white), Harmony Tree (brown/green), Shine (orange shades/yellow), and Blossom (pink shades/teal). Although it was hard to choose the pair we wanted because they are all so cool, we went with Harmony Tree.

See Color Options Below:

Jamboo Headphones

The sound quality is really amazing, while giving you a good bass sound with a really cool bamboo encased ear piece. Jamboo created these headphones to give customers a unique, style-driven choice in the cluttered headphone market. They strive to produce a fashionable, long lasting, and inexpensive headphone that won’t tangle, and they have more than met that goal!

Check out their Headphone Specifications:   

Jamboo Headphone Leash

  • Frequency response ~ 20Hz-20 KHz
  • Impedance ~ 16Ω±15%
  • Drive Unit ~ 6U Mylar, Inner speaker~ Ø10mm
  • Sensitivity ~ 100±3dB
  • Rated Input Power ~ 3mW
  • Cable length – 1.2M
  • Plug ~ 3.5mm, gold plated
  • +/- 3dB deviation of two speakers
  • Use safe and green eco-glue to stick the housing
  • Oxygen-free copper
  • 3 silicone ear inserts (S,M,L)
  • Black aluminum housing

Check out what the longtime childhood friends, Scooter Vaughan and Austin Glenn have to say about why the started Jamboo Headphones! Just two guys with a vision… It is pretty inspiring, especially when such a great product was produced!

 In closing, we love our Jamboo Headphones and agree that they are a really cool thing to buy! We highly recommended them for all your jamming sessions!

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