Cheaper Than A Shrink Job Opportunities

Cheaper Than A Shrink Job Opps

Thank you for your interest in writing for Cheaper Than A Shrink and our partner network. We have a number of partner websites with available writing positions for both print and web! One of our larger partners is currently looking for 5-10 writers and they have trusted us (based on our relationship and past history) to find writers with the unique talent of making something that may be bland into something appealing to their audience. We will update this page and launch emails to our jobs mailing list as new opportunities pop up. This is a great way to make good money online and possibly into an ongoing position for you.

Job Mailing List Opt-in:

To opt into our jobs mailing list, please visit this link. As soon as new opportunities become available, we will blast an email to this list. You can expect 3-4 emails a month on average. Thank you.

Current Opportunity #1: (CLOSED)


Current Opportunity #2:  (CLOSED)


Current Opportunity #3:  (CLOSED)


Current Opportunity #4: (CLOSED)


Current Opportunity #5:

Open positions: 15

Salary: Up to $20 per hour

Notes: You MUST be located in the USA

What you need to do:

One of our sponsors needs writers/bloggers that are interested in reviewing their new social media related app. You need to visit the link below, download the app onto your DESKTOP computer (Windows only, No Mac) and open it and get a feel for the interface and features. Send us a brief paragraph noting the features, functionality, etc you would likely highlight if a full review were written. We will then choose from the emails received. All the reviews will then be published on various blogs and social media with a credit to you within the article and/or blog post! GREAT OPP FOR EXPOSURE AS WELL!

Email Expect a response within 72 hrs.

Download Social Pogo app

Thank you for your time and good luck!