March Coolness For Men

In honor of March Madness beginning the 19th I wanted to showcase Cheaper Than A Shrinks March Coolness, a collection of the coolest things to buy this month. Although we only bring you the most unique items out there I thought it would be fun to spotlight some of the really awesome products we have posted lately that will tie into the months celebrations.

Ladies, “I know most of you are all like March what-ness?” It is the final few weeks of the college basketball tournament in the United States that features many major schools that our men follow all season. It is called March Madness simply because there are so many college basketball games going on throughout the country, usually during the same time, in rapid succession during the month of March.  You’re welcome, now back to shopping.

Guys, being that March Madness will usually consist of many parties being thrown I give you:

Cheaper Than A Shrinks March Coolness Products Showcase For Men

While you and the buddies are sitting around in your coolest graphic tees, watching basketball, getting a little tipsy, and lighting up the grill, these above items will come in pretty handy and here is why:

The Brain Freeze Glass Skull Ice Bucket:

Who wants to keep getting up to refresh their drinks in the middle of the games and fun? No-one that’s who, so just break out the skull ice bucket that screams “I am a man”, sit back, and enjoy the male bonding over convenient ice cold refreshments.

The Rapi-Dough Pizza Cutter:

Pizza is usually a staple food at sporting get-togethers and it goes well with any BBQ or sammich making by the females who are present. So slice that pie with the Rapi-Dough Pizza Cutter and show your girlfriend that you and your bros can remain somewhat civilized, once in a while.

The M-16 BBQ Lighter:

Spark up the grill with the coolest and manliest lighter in existence. Just be careful that your jealous bros don’t steal it…

Hello Grumpy T-Shirt:

Because it is a shirt starring Tard the grumpy cat, wearing the trademark Hello-Kitty bow on it’s head… No other reasons why it is awesome are really necessary!

3 Busy Dogs Bowser Beer:

Because why should you humans have all the fun? let sparky feel like he is one of the guys by pouring him a non-alcoholic and delicious barley beef broth beer. Great for his coat we well.

Mustache Coasters:

This again ties into proving to your girlfriend or significant other that you and the boys do not have to act like a bunch of monkeys when all hanging out watching sports together. Keep the drinking spaced out and keep your glasses and bottles on a classy mustache coaster. It’s like being a grown up, yet still being cool with the classy design.

The Cool Story babe… T-Shirt:

The cool story babe… Now make me a sandwich shirt is a great way to pretend like you wear the pants in the relationship when around the boys. Hopefully your girlfriend or wife has a good sense a humor and goes along with it like a champ.  Also a great way to point the women who insisted on tagging along to their place in the party (not including the women who actually follow basketball, sandwiches will be made for you too).

Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug:

The coffee makes me poop mug is perfect for using to try to sober up and get ready for another day of basketball, buddies, and beer. It is funny and practical.

You still have plenty of time to prepare for the madness, so hook it up this year in style, class, and degradation of women (in a joking manner of course)!

The balls in your court…

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