Mooning Lawn Gnome Review

Mooning Lawn GnomeSometimes people get a little too serious about their gardens and start to worry over the smallest details. When this happens it is time to add a bit of whimsy back into the garden and if you’re tired of garden variety lawn ornaments, The Mooning Lawn Gnome  is just what you’re looking for. He will bring the humor while he livens up your yard with his unconventional behavior.  He may not have proper manners, but they are definitely cute and will make your house stand out among the rest even if they don’t appear to have stellar manners!

Cheaper Than A Shrink recommends the Gnome Lawn Ornament for yourself or as a gift for a wacky friend or family member who will appreciate all the bare butt bully has to offer. Whether you have great neighbors or nutty ones, this lawn ornament is a funny way to either put a smile on their face or let  them know what you think of them, in a not so subtle, yet totally nonchalant way. These funny little Gnomes are not ashamed, and you shouldn’t be either.


  • He is showing his “Full Moon” .
  • Size: Approx 9″ Tall
  • Made of durable PVC

Click Here to Buy NowThe mythical gnomes in history were thought to live underground, and their name is thought to derive from a Latin word for earth dweller. They were popular in German fairy tales and were often described as old men who guarded treasure. However, gnomes or similar creatures were also found in folklore from many different countries. The first garden gnomes were made in Gräfenroda, a town in Germany, in the mid-1800s  based on local myths as a way for people to enjoy the stories of the gnomes’ willingness to help in the garden at night.

Of course, today these cute little guys just add a bit of character to the garden, a bit of the unexpected popping up in the most unusual spaces, especially with a full moon backside in your face. Most of the local garden shops carry your everyday variety gnome but how boring… Go for a more unique look!


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