Keep it Creepy in 2014: Mortician & Funeral Director Calendar

2014_mortician_funeral_dirThis very unique and personalized Mortuary Calendar was created by a former mortician turned photographer who had an extensive collection of embalming equipment that she enjoyed photographing. Using her own personal collection of antique and vintage embalming equipment, she was able to create a calendar for 2014 that focuses on the mortuary sciences.

It’s the only one of it’s kind! From a scalpel to an embalmer’s hand pump, this is a truly unique gift for a funeral director, mortician, embalmer – it’s the perfect gift for anyone in the funeral industry! It’s also the perfect gift for anyone living on the macabre side of life!

The sepia tone with scratches to the photos adds to the feel and look of the calendar. Some may find the mortuary arts morbid and creepy, but others like myself find it to be extremely fascinating. Although this profession has come a long way in its modern day equipment and procedures, this creative calendar allows you to pay homage to the antique and unique past of the mortician world while displaying a very interesting and cool look into the profession of the past.


High quality, full-color, full-bleed printing.
Choose from 13 unique styles for dates and holidays.
Optional start and end dates.
Wire-o binding in 7 different colors.
Available in three sizes – Standard, Small, and Huge.


 Start customizing your 2014 Mortician & Funeral Director Calendar today!mortician_antique_medical_bag_mousepad-ra65e7b9471d0482caa3ccd4fbcd093b5_x74vi_8byvr_512


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