Hounded by hackers, Wanted by MI6 & NSA, Hunted by ruthless Private Militia & heading for carnage & slaughter.

Nanopunk is smart sci-fi action that slowly draws you in then accelerates into a book you just can’t put down. I highly recommend it.”

When Alister discovers his sister, the last of his family is alive, kidnapped, he sets off to find her. But his search quickly becomes a deadly chase after he hacks into Government and Private Security Company Systems looking for clues. With Secret Services and a ruthless private security firm hunting him, it only gets worse when cyber-militants offer to help. And that’s just the beginning.

Here’s what reviewers are saying about ‘Nanopunk’

“Ominously foreshadowed by today’s headlines regarding the rise of Private Contractors’ involvement in National Security, Nathan McGrath’s novel Nanopunk carries a lot of clout.”…

“remarkably cinematic scenes set in a bleak, post-apocalyptic world,”…

“If you enjoy fast-paced, action thrillers with a decidedly scientific bent, Nanopunk is for you.

Extracts from R.L Sutton review on Barnes & Noble.

“Smart and Sharp” , “Pacey and compelling.”, “Sit back and enjoy the rip-roaring plot”,

Pre-publication reviews
“The plot moves along a pace and is gripping and exciting. The characters are sympathetic, full and realistic. The combination of a futuristic world with barely on the horizon technology, and warm human relationships — makes for a great experience. Read it, then await the next one.”

– Sally. Amazon Review.

The Story Continues

With the prequel “A World Away From Home” and the Sequel “Lightning Seed” soon to be released, Nanopunk stands to become a classic in the Dystopian Sci-Fi Genre.

About the Author.

Nathan spent most of his career working with vulnerable children, teens and their families. This background combined with his training in Anthropology, psychoanalysis and Information Systems adds depth to the world he creates and the characters that occupy it.

Nathan lives in London with his partner, their teenage daughter and the family dog.

When not writing, Nathan cooks for the family and is an avid gamer with a large and varied collection of FPS and RPG games.


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