New Remote Keylogger for Concerned Parents

As a parent these days your kids are online more than ever. Most kids don’t even watch TV anymore. YouTube has replaced it. So what are your kids doing online with all their free time? Who are they talking to? What kinds of videos are they watching on YouTube anyways? Parents need to know what their kids are up to.

Parental Keylogging Demystified

One of the best ways to see what your kids are up to is to get their passwords. Then you can sign into their social accounts and see what they have done. There is a type of software that does this. It is called a keylogger. A keylogger is special software that you put on their computer (usually without them knowing). It records every keystroke so you can see it. It is an easy way you can get your kids passwords.

It might sound hard to put a keylogger on your kids computer… and you might be right depending on the kind of software you choose. In this article I am going to assume you are not very technical at all. The idea of putting a complicated piece of software on their computer is just too hard.

We looked at a few of these different solutions on the market. The one we found the best and easiest to use is called pcTattletale. Let’s look at why.

pcTattletale – the best keylogger for parents

We picked pcTattletale as the best keylogger for parents for a few reasons. I will list them out here for you:

– Easy to use. If you can install a program like Microsoft word on your computer then you can install pcTattletale. It is actually not much different. You just install it like any program. They have a great article on how to install a keylogger on a PC. Check it out to see how easy it is. The only difference between installing pcTattletale and any other program? After you install it the software disappears. You can not see it anymore. Neither will your kids. After it is installed you can see their keystrokes from the pctattletale website… and that leads me into reason #2.
– A Remote keylogger. You probably do not want to go over to your kids computer to see their keystrokes. PC Tattletale is a remote keylogger. Like I said earlier you can view the keystrokes from their website. That means you can see them from your smartphone, a tablet, or another computer. Sitting at your desk at work? No problem. Check in with what your kids are doing at home on the computer. Are they really doing their home work?
– More than just keystrokes. One problem with keyloggers is most of your kid’s passwords are already filled in. You probably notice this too. We all forget our passwords. Browsers remember them for us. So if they are not typing in their password you can’t get it. pcTattletale makes little YouTube like movies of everything they do. Even if they do not enter their Facebook password (for example), you can still see them log into Facebook and chat it up with their friends.

pcTattletale makes simple YouTube videos that show you everything your kids do online:

In the screen shot above you can see a click chart of how active they are on the computer. You might be REALLY surpsrised to see your 9 year old up at 3:00 am playing video games on a school night.

As a parent you really need to see what your kids are up to online. Keyloggers are great way to do it. We found pcTattletale to be the best. Go check it out now at – In the next 5 minutes you can have it up and running. Then you will know exactly what your kids are doing all day long.


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