Ocean Wave Light Projector Speaker Review

The Ocean Wave Projector is one of my favorite new items. Not only is it great for a nursery and toddlers room to lull them into a peaceful sleep during naps and bed time, it is also a great addition to an adult bedroom to add a serene and or romantic feel.

This little projector kicks the butt of any old school mobiles that are generally used to soothe and calm the little ones. With it’s vibrant blue of the ocean waves sprawling along the walls and ceiling, the calming effect is undeniable. Also side note, blue on it’s own is widely known to be a restful inducing color. The psychology behind this is that much of the world is blue, like the sky and sea, so seeing the color blue actually causes the body to produce chemicals that are calming because blue is a calm, restful color.

Overall for the price of this item, I’m 95% satisfied. The light effect of watery ripples look really cool and makes any day more serene, even after a particularity hard day!  The color is very much an indigo-cobalt blue and not at all a Caribbean ocean blue which many have complained about, but for me, I think the blue is a perfect representation of the sea. The speaker is super clear & loud and I have used it with my phone several times since my purchase due to the surprisingly awesome sound quality.

A great feature is that this projector turns off after 20 minutes. All in all , this is great and pretty fun!

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