Olloclip Lens System for iPhone 5 Review

Olloclip Lens iPhone 5The olloclip’s fisheye lens is also designed to work with Apple’s new Panorama camera feature, which was introduced with iOS 6. With Panorama 360 Plus, the lens is able to capture a 360 degree image with both a wider and taller field of view than the standard iPhone 5 camera can produce.

Basically it is a small clip with a lens on either side that snaps on to the upper right corner of the phone over the camera and allows for the quick changing of lenses. With that, you have access to three lenses all at once: Fisheye and a Wide Angle/Macro combo lens.  These are not a toy and is not recommended for younger kids, but this is a great gadget for anyone over 16 in my opinion. They’re made from glass for sharp photo and video that you wouldn’t guess came from a camera phone.  The 3-in-1 design cuts down on time spent switching out lenses. Your iPhone camera’s pretty much ready for anything!

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The Fisheye will give your photos a really cool 180° view and if that angle’s too wide, just flip the clip around for the Wide-Angle lens. You’ll get a 2x wider view than what your iPhone gives you. Twist the front of the Wide Angle lens off to convert it to a Macro lens for stunning 10x magnified photos that shows all that detail you normally don’t see. Bugs, flowers, Abraham Lincoln on the face of a penny. They’ll all look like giants through this lens!

I was impressed with the olloclip both for the quality and ease of use. If you’re in the aftermarket for some creative lenses for your iPhone 5 (or the Click Here to Buy Now Via Amazon 4/4S), it’s definitely worth buying one of these little gems. The Olloclip is a great accessory. I love the fisheye look and this lens is just what you want for wide and super-wide shooting. Since it clips over the iPhone’s camera, you can shoot video or stills and use whatever camera app you like. The lens is of very good quality, and shots look great without any further tweaking. For tight spaces or capturing a big field of view, this cannot be beat.

Optical quality sees decent, comes with pouch and lens caps, installs and removes easily, nice macro feature, reversible for front camera.

The one tradeoff is that the Olloclip covers up the flash, so there is a slight compromise.


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