Poo~Pourri Worked for Me

poo pourri shittin prettyToday we are going to talk about pooping. That’s right; pooping, going number 2, taking a dump, delivering some little brown babies… Regardless of whatever cute euphemism you use to describe it, it is a pretty normal bodily function, unless you are a robot. And yes, even really hot girls poop! Sorry to burst your ridiculous bubble guys.

What is an actual fact is that unlike disgusting men (no offense), most women do not drop nuclear bombs. As women, on a normal day (excluding Taco Tuesday of course) you should not be stinking up the place so bad that you need to pe-game the toilet prior to pooping. I mean unless you are sick, have IBS, or something. Otherwise maybe change your diet and eat a salad once in a while if what is coming out of your body is horrific enough to scare small children, or your man.

Most hygienic and healthy ladies I know can GO and act like she did nothing because we are not oozing from our bodies what can be compared to toxic waste. But I still like the idea of keeping a pleasant smelling bathroom not just for guests, but myself as well.

All that being said, on to the review:

How it claims to work

This is not meant to be sprayed in the air to add a flowery cover up… Poo-Pourri is different in that you spray 4 or 5 spritz into the water before you go and like magic, the essential oils form a layer over the water’s surface and keeps any unpleasant odors underneath the barrier; as pictured in the illustration below.


Poo Pourri

Does it work?

The staff and family members here at Cheaper Than A Shrink (including men) were incredibly impressed with how well it worked.  Poo-Pourri really is great at eliminating bathroom smells; not just covering them up and it comes in an adorable bottle (the men really loved that ~ lol). A few more bonuses: Cute bottle, nice aroma, comes in many more options than just the original lemon scent including “Shittin Pretty”.

Overall this product was given a thumbs up and has proven that it will come in handy very often, even when your poo smells like roses or preferably nothing. For example:

  • Use before your man, brother, dad, etc. goes number 2 in your apartment
  • Helpful for that time of the month when we are dealing with other type of unpleasantness
  • Use as an overall bathroom deodorizer in place of air spray
  • When you had asparagus for lunch, spray before you tinkle
  • Sometimes medication can add weird smells to our body fluids, gross but true
  • When your friend with IBS comes over
  • Taco Tuesday!

 “Poo Pourri ~ The Classy, Sassy, Ultra Effective Way to Leave the Bathroom Smelling Better Than You Found It”

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