Presidential Halloween Costume Debate 2012

The opponents face off again 10/31/2012 in the most epic Halloween Costume Debate ever!

Pick a side, and slap it on your face…

obama maskromney mask







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┬áThe first Presidential Debate stirred up even more emotions, confusion, and WTF feelings regarding this very important and controversial election. Obama and Romney took it to the boxing ring for a little toe to toe, man to man, hard core action and the jury is still out deciding the first rounds winner… Now as important as whatever they have to say is to Cheaper Than A Shrink, Halloween is upon us and for the moment, the costume debate totally trumps the presidency. At least until after October 31st.

Obama Mask also available in Zombie style!

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The race is on for the White House and we are only one more stupid slip up away from keeping the White Guy out of it for another four years. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or just a concerned women worried about keeping your lady parts and what you do with them your decision, there is no better way to rock or mock the vote than to dress as your chosen leader. The President and Presidential candidate Halloween masks are sure to be a hit this year so support your man by wearing their face on your face!

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