Q-Bot Self Balancing Mini Scooter

The Q-Bot, a mini 2 wheel standup scooter is one of the smallest and light weight upright personal transporter vehicles in the world. This mini “self balancing” style scooter can achieve a top speed of 10 mph and make a zero turning radius. The Q-Bot Seg-scooter is a recreational, practical and functional transportation vehicle that will guarantee hours of nonstop motion.


  • Battery Powered Electric MotorS, 2 Wheel balancing Scooter
  • 48 Volts 5 Ah Lithium Batteries
  • 48V Lithium Battery Smart charger
  • Hydraulic Shocks- Two rear shock absorbers on the frame
  • Up to 12 miles per charge
  • 25 Degree incline climbing ability
  • Up to 10 MPH Max Speed


Personal transporter, Segway Style...
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