Romo The Smartphone Robot
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Romo The Smartphone Robot

Romo The Smartphone Robot will be your new best friend.  A robot that learns and grows up with you, the more time you spend with it and interact the more fun to be had. Basically, the geek’s Furby, as the more you make use of him, the faster and more he will be able to learn. This adorable little robot uses either an iPhone or Android phone as its brains, and can be controlled wirelessly by another device! Plus, it scares cats.

What’s in the box:

  • Romo base
  • Custom mini USB charging cable
  • Romo quick start card, and Product info guide.
  • Measures 3 inches tall x 4.5 inches wide x 5.6 inches long.


You can play with me… from anywhere in the world!
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