Sea-Doo SeaScooter Pro

The Sea-Doo Pro SeaScooter is one of the coolest gadgets we have showcased to date! A great choice for water lovers, the original Sea-Doo Seascooter Pro is a snorkeler’s dream. The SeaScooter Pro runs at a speed of up to 2 miles per hour and dives as deep as 65 feet, helping propel you through choppy currents while exploring your favorite wildlife reefs. The scooter is also light enough at 13 pounds to carry with one hand, making beach diving a reality.


Product Features:

  • Original seascooter ideal for snorkeling or shallow scuba diving
  • Maximum speed of 2 miles per hour; max depth of 65 feet
  • Lightweight build (13 pounds) for easy 1-handed transport
  • Adjustable buoyancy regular for maximum comfort
  • Runs up to 1 hour per charge; 6-month warranty
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